Huawei responds to the crackdown on chips

This afternoon, Huawei held the HDC 2020 Developer Conference and released new systems and software technologies such as Hongmeng 2.0 system, emui 11 and ark compiler 2.0.
This time, the focus is on software ecology, but the chip problem of Huawei is still of great concern. In an interview after the press conference, Wang Chenglu, President of Huawei’s consumer business software department, also responded to the problem of chip being suppressed.
Wang Chenglu said, “the technology involved in the chip issue is very complicated. Huawei must have difficulties in this respect. There is no doubt.”
However, Wang Chenglu also said that from the chip issue, all industries in China should be sober up now, right? Chip problems give enterprises reflection, no choice is the best choice.
As for the crackdown on the chip, Wang Chenglu said that restrictions have given us a very good opportunity to coexist danger and opportunity.
Huawei has not talked too much about the current situation, but according to recent media reports, Huawei has given up “fantasy” and continued to increase R & D and promote business forward in accordance with the established rhythm.
Whether it’s a smartphone, a 5g base station, or a chip, Huawei has said it won’t give up.
We will continue to invest in Hisilicon and help our front-end partners improve and build their own capabilities. I believe that in a few years we will have a stronger Hisense. “