Chen Shu’s husband responds to intimate photos

On the evening of September 13, Chen Shu’s husband, Zhao Yinyin, showed a group photo with a girl on the social platform, with the text: “be happy.”. In the photo, Zhao Yinyin hugs the girl and kisses the girl. It looks very intimate, which leads to speculation about marriage.
Later, he sent an article explaining that the girl in the photo was his own cousin. The two discussed her son’s piano learning together, and showed two pictures with her family. He wrote: “in the middle of the night, I had a discussion with my cousin, my uncle’s daughter, and my 97 year old granddaughter. We discussed her son’s piano learning. We changed the experience of dating into a new method of effective practice, My cousin also understood that she wanted to wish her son, who had helped me with an elephant, to learn piano in the future. “
Many netizens said that Zhao Yinyin was exposed to group photos on the social platform, which must not be cheating. However, some netizens said that even if he was a cousin, it was not appropriate to be so intimate.
It is reported that Zhao Yinyin became the third Chinese to win the title of “Steinway’s exclusive pianist” at the age of 25. Zhao Yinyin divorced once. He divorced his ex-wife Huang Zijia two years later, and they had a son. In 2007, Zhao Yinyin met Chen Shu through the introduction of director Sun Zhou. After that, the two began to associate. On September 16, 2011, Zhao Yinyin and his girlfriend Chen Shu, who had been dating for more than four years, held a wedding ceremony in Bali.