Councillors meet to kiss their wives on the chest

On September 24 local time, an Argentine parliament broadcast the scene live online: a male congressman openly kisses his wife on the chest in front of the camera. After that, the video was quickly exposed on the Internet and spread wildly, and even caused public anger. At present, the congressman has been suspended.
The male congressman, huane Emily Amery of Argentina’s ruling Justice Party, suddenly clashed with a man when he was discussing bills and other issues with his colleagues.
According to reports, the video clearly shows Ameri’s wife sitting on his lap. Then ameli touched her body, then pulled her shirt off and began kissing her chest.
The scene came after Argentina’s house speaker Sergio Massa interrupted the meeting. Soon, Massa called for an immediate suspension of Ameri’s position and suggested the establishment of a five member committee to deal with follow-up matters.
Later, in an interview after the scandal broke out, the congressman said that it was just because his wife had just had breast augmentation, so he only asked about the situation after the operation.
Ameri said he went to his wife after he was sure he had cut off the signal, but did not expect the device to automatically connect to the signal again. “I feel ashamed and sad,” ameli told local media.
”My wife and I didn’t have sex. It’s a 10 second scene, “he said.” she came out of the bathroom and I saw her. She was implanted a few days ago, and I told her, let’s see what’s going on
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