Trump conspired to strike China hard

With only two months to go before he leaves office, the trump administration is ready to stage a “final madness” against China
An exclusive report yesterday by American media Axios made this expectation that had emerged before the US election more “real”:
In the last 10 weeks of administration, the trump administration will launch a series of tough policies against China on the grounds of “endangering the national security of the United States” and “violating human rights” around a number of China related issues.
What are these potential pressures? How will the “last minute” agitation of trump team affect Sino US relations? How should we deal with it?
Exclusive report, news from a number of senior U.S. government officials directly aware of China’s crackdown plan
In the title and introduction, the two journalists of Axios try to highlight the uniqueness and reliability of their sources to prove that their reports are authentic.
From the beginning of the report, the report explained why these crackdowns on China are important: they can kill two birds with one stone.
One is to consolidate the “political heritage” of the grand commander, making it difficult for Biden to change his course in China policy after taking office. Second, continue to “retaliate” China.
I don’t know whether it was the original words of “senior officials of the U.S. government” or the reporter’s own annotation. The report has completely carried out Washington’s smear on China in recent years.
He accused China of being “aggressive” in dealing with India and the Hong Kong and Taiwan issues, hinted once again that China was responsible for the epidemic by taking advantage of the second wave of new epidemic, and hyped China’s “human rights issues” on issues related to Xinjiang and Hong Kong
Of course, claiming that China is a threat to us national security is also an essential item.
According to the report, John Ratcliffe, director of national intelligence of the United States, will soon release a batch of intelligence, “describing in detail China’s vicious actions in the United States.”.
Since the “China threat” is so great, John alyote, spokesman of the US National Security Council, told reporters:
Unless Beijing makes a change and becomes a responsible member of the international arena, the future US president will find that “changing president Trump’s historic action will be tantamount to political suicide”.
It is also for this reason that American Anti China politicians have carried out a series of plans.
They conspired to expand the list of “Chinese companies associated with the Chinese military,” the report said. Last week, trump just issued an executive order under the pretext of “threatening the national security of the United States”, prohibiting Americans from investing in the 31 listed Chinese enterprises.
Expanding the list means that more Chinese companies will be similarly suppressed.
In addition to expanding existing sanctions, the trump administration will open up a new “front”.
For example, China’s fisheries should be labeled as “forced labor”. The report quoted U.S. officials as saying that this not only involves “human rights” issues, but also helps China, an industry with “geopolitical significance”, to gain a competitive advantage.
Another senior US official disclosed to Axios that the trump team is still trying to put more “hawkish experts on China” into some senior positions of the US government, so as to ensure the continuity of the US government’s China policy in the future.
I’ve taken great pains to arrange the “latent” plan.
At the end of the report, a senior adviser to US National Intelligence Director Ratcliffe was quoted as saying that Ratcliffe will continue to play a leading role and cooperate with other US national security departments to lead the United States from its anti-terrorism strategy after the cold war and the “9.11” incident to the big power competition against China.
After unveiling a series of strong and hard policies for China in trump team plan, Axios suddenly changed:
U.S. officials said they should not expect the us to take major new actions on the Taiwan issue or to close more Chinese consulates in the United States.
An American scholar said that this has further increased the credibility of the report.
Because it is extremely easy to cause serious political consequences by deeply stirring the Taiwan Strait or closing the consulate. Once there is a conflict, it will be difficult to control.
If it is determined that the defeat of the general election cannot be reversed, the ability and probability of the trump administration to make such a storm in the last two months or so will be relatively low.
It is reported that trump is ready to run for the 2024 presidential election. Whether to trip Biden, retaliate against China, or plan ahead of the next general election, trump really needs a show, not a political adventure.
These measures to China in the Axios report happen to be stance oriented, which can not only attract attention and maximize the political effect, but also avoid inadvertently breaking their own “evening Festival”.
It seems that the trump team has carefully calculated the intermediate degree.
What’s the Biden transition team’s response to the grand commander’s “final madness”? The Axios reporter specifically asked, but there was no reply.
But the trump administration is still busy “burying thunder” at the last moment, which will indeed reduce Biden’s flexible space in China policy.
After announcing his victory, Biden immediately listed four priorities on his “transition website”: controlling the epidemic, restarting the economy, restoring racial equality and addressing climate change. At least three of these four tasks need cooperation with China.
Some analysts say that, after taking office, Biden will have to make appropriate adjustments in specific tactics, at least in terms of competition and “limited cooperation”, even if it will not change its overall strategy.
Before leaving, trump team buried a lot of nails in the form of administrative orders, which will increase the political risk of Biden’s “limited adjustment” China policy. He can revoke the executive orders of the former president