Another spring season

It’s the spring season and the spring season again. I stroll in the familiar street. I watched the flowers and plants along the road show their new green after a cold winter’s tempering. I caressed them gently and felt an inexplicable joy. In the past, there were some trees standing proudly in the wind. But this year is slightly different from previous years.
I don’t know why I cut down the big trees that grow so lush one by one to show their old rings. I sit next to it, but I want to have a shady place, to see the sunshine through the patches of leaves, stroking its old and solid trunk, always find something missing, but can not say anything, until the glaring sunshine comes up, I know the top of my head, has been missing the leaves that can give me shelter from the wind, green, that is the color of youth. A symbol of vitality.
The continuous spring rain, more than ten days, walking along the street with an umbrella, can not help but touch the painful wound of the stump, ring by ring, narrate how many stories:
They were proud to break through the earth, they were proud to survive the wind, rain and sunshine, they were proud to receive energy in the colorful sunshine, they were proud to dream of rushing into the clouds, they were tall and tall, in the summer, bring shade to the tired people, they were not stingy to make paper for human branches, they were also birds’temperature. Warm nest… The merciless axe destroyed all their pride and cut off their most pure and beautiful dreams. Ye Er, I was hurt before, you helped me heal the wound, now you go, my wound is always there, yeah, falling red is not ruthless, into spring mud to protect flowers, but Ye Er, I have not spent, I only have a lonely half body, even breathing is weak.
The hand, wet, is the tree’s painful tears, it is crying, silently, silently. Tree, does it hurt? But I can’t help it.
Three years ago, we were just like sprouting grass. We thought we had passed five passes, cut six generals and put all our strength into it. Three years ago, you, like us, were young, yellow and delicate branches, swaying in the wind and rain, growing in the wind and rain, thriving in the wind and rain, learning how to be a tree in the wind and rain. We use stubborn body, no attitude of conceding defeat, to rush, to fight, to meet our pride!
We are no longer weak flowers, we can experience storms, we can survive the severe summer and winter. But have we grown up? Have you grown up? Of course you have grown up, you have become so tall, you have become so strong, your laughter with the wind is so heroic, like an oath of life. And what about us?
Smile is the same, tears are the same. Only, no longer to eat ice cream and spoil, no longer to fail and cry, no longer to be timid for a stage, no longer to argue that the sky will collapse, things become so small in the eyes, not enough to arouse internal ripples; at this time, always think that they are a branch of cold plum withstanding frost, is a tree withstanding the strong wind; In order to walk on the stumbling road, I have learned to sail against the water. I think I can still bury my pain when I climb up after falling. If I don’t let my tears burst, I will grow up. I think I can live without regret if I laugh all the time.
Tree, your beauty, so deep, your growth, so quiet, that is the attitude of life I will never learn, your pain, endure; your grievance, swallow; your laughter, only the wind to share with you; your growth, only time to witness for you. You are happy, lonely, but also poor. Because, although you can’t compete in the world, now, you have to be deprived of the only foothold.
Are you sad? I know, I see, you’re crying!
Don’t cry, you are so strong!
Look, your roots, or firmly occupy a side of the land for you in the depth of the land; you see, this spring’s light rain, still drifting; you see, today’s sun, still smiling, bright sunshine, or so warm, or the power of leaf growth… Nothing has changed, you can come back again, as long as you have the courage to break the earth, as long as you have the perseverance to experience the storm, as long as you have the ambition to rush to the clouds, then nothing can beat you!
Tree, you are so strong!
Tree, let’s hope. Let’s learn to persist in our beliefs when we have no choice but to accept them. Wait for the harvest in early summer with the rain of hope in spring. You will have new leaves, new energy and future. I wait to be able to embrace you again, I wait to be able to stand under your high arm again, I wait to hear you play the symphony of victory for me, I wait for you to wear the color of life clothes, when you are full of vitality, I wait to receive your light vanilla blowing in the wind, whether for ten or twenty years, I hope I can return to you. When trampling on the streets without skin, you can see the traces of our struggle and the traces of life.
Trees, you are so strong! They cut you down, just to let you grow stronger body, let you meet the wind and rain, overcome the wind and rain! I know, you will not yield, I know, you will insist, tree, to prove it!
I restored my umbrella and bypassed the remaining stumps:
Don’t be afraid. It’s another spring year. I’m waiting quietly and growing up.