Biden leads the world again

Although the current US President trump has not officially acknowledged the defeat, he has begun to give in. On the other hand, the Biden camp began to build a ruling team. Introducing members of his diplomatic and national security team on November 24 local time, Biden said the United States “has returned” and is ready to “lead the world” again.
Many media unscrambled that Biden’s declaration abandoned Trump’s “us first” policy and called for the return of multilateralism. However, in the past four years, under the background of the United States “withdrawing from the group”, weakening its influence by domestic turbulence, and the rise of China, whether Biden’s policy can make the United States “return” is still unknown. At the same time, the appointment of these members may be blocked by Republicans.
Biden hosted a briefing for members of his diplomatic and national security team in Wilmington, Delaware, on the 24th, according to media reports such as CNN and AFP. Secretary of state Abraham Lincoln, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan, and U.S. representative to the United Nations, Linda Thomas Greenfield, and others all appeared.
In introducing these people, Biden expressed his foreign policy direction. “This team has come to the stage, and they embody my core idea: the United States is the strongest when it works with its allies. Through decades of experience working with our partners, this team has recently achieved some of the most decisive national security and diplomatic achievements. That’s how we really protect America. “
“This is a team that can make our country and our people feel safe. It’s a team that reflects that America has come back and is ready to lead the world again, not out. Once again, the United States is at the top of the table, ready to face our adversaries, rather than turn down our allies. ” Biden added.
Later, members of Biden’s team began to give speeches one after another. AFP described the team as “veterans” in the diplomatic and legislative fields.
BLANKEN, who has attracted much attention from American media, agreed with Biden. “We need to balance humility and confidence now. The humility is that, as the presidential candidate said, we can’t solve everything in the world alone. We need to work with other countries, we need cooperation, we need their partnership.
“The confidence is that the United States, at its best, is still better able than the rest of the world to unite other countries to meet the challenges of our time,” he added
The 58 year old Bryan, who has served as a senior foreign policy adviser in two administrations over the past 30 years, has provided advice on foreign affairs to Biden since 2002, and the two have had a deep relationship. During the Obama administration, Lincoln served as Deputy Secretary of state, mainly responsible for national security affairs.
It is worth mentioning that after the trump administration came to power, brinken left the government and founded a geopolitical and policy consulting firm. According to the company’s website, one of the company’s businesses is to “manage risks related to China in the era of strategic competition” and provide strategic suggestions for American enterprises to operate in the Chinese market.
The proposed U.S. representative to the United Nations, Linda Thomas Greenfield, also delivered a speech: “today, I think about the American people, my fellow diplomats, and civil servants from all over the world. I want to say to you, “America is back, multilateralism is back, diplomacy is back.”
Jake Sullivan, the proposed national security adviser, said the United States was facing “unprecedented crises” at home and abroad, including the new epidemic, economic crisis, climate crisis, racial injustice and various forms of inequality. Therefore, the task of the team members is to “re plan the national security of the United States.”.
In addition to the three, Alejandro MAYORKAS, Secretary of homeland security, arvil Haines, and John Kerry, special envoy for climate issues, were also present.
But at present, Biden camp is still facing pressure from the Republican Party on the formation of cabinet members. CNN said the appointment of Haines, mayokas, brinkin and Thomas Greenfield still needs the approval of the Senate. But some Republican congressmen have said they will raise objections to the appointment.
Currently, within the 100 seats of the Senate, the Republican party occupies 50 seats, temporarily ahead of the Democratic Party’s 48 seats. The remaining two seats will be elected in Georgia in January. According to current billing statistics, the Republican candidate has a temporary advantage in Georgia.
At present, there are two seats to be determined in the Senate, and the Republican Party has a temporary advantage, according to the New York Times
Biden told NBC on the 23rd that he would not consider appointing two Democrats, Warren and Sanders, in the new cabinet, because he “needs them to vote in the Senate.”
In view of the appointment of members of the diplomatic team, several media interpretation said that this is in the “overthrow” of Trump’s foreign policy. The Reuters Manifesto and the post inauguration Manifesto of Reuters will be far away from American nationalism. “After Biden takes office, the US foreign policy may be more multilateral and diplomatic