I grew up with Junior Military Academy

The school I attended was originally a children’s primary school founded by an enterprise. It is the first primary school of Tonghua Iron and Steel Company. It is called Tonggang Xiao for short. One day after the beginning of our fifth grade, I heard from my teacher that our school was going to be a military academy. The name of military academy is so novel that it has a longing in mind. Because adults say that only when they grow up, they can enter military academy for further study after they have studied in high school. Maybe he will be a general in the future.
Finally, one day, the principal announced to all the teachers and students that one of Tonggang Junior Military Academies was officially named “Leifeng Junior Military Academy of Tonghua City”, which is the only junior military academy named after Leifeng in the province. Its teaching philosophy is: “educate people with Lei Feng spirit, establish schools with military management.” So we changed our school uniforms and put on our military uniforms. One by one, they are very graceful and full of air. Since then, we have become students of Junior Military Academy.
“Learn Lei Feng’s good example and be loyal to the revolution and the Party. Love and hate are distinct and never forget their origins, stand firm and fight with great ambition…………………………………….. A red revolutionary song reverberates over the campus, which constantly inspires the stubborn will and belief of teachers and students to learn for the motherland. As a student of Leifeng Junior Military Academy in Tonghua City, I am deeply honored and proud. There is not only a unified national compulsory education learning content here, but also a lot of military training knowledge that can not be learned by non-juvenile military schools. In Leifeng Junior Military Academy, I personally experienced the whole process of educating every student to improve their psychological quality, cultivate good moral character and forge strong will. From standard flag-raising ceremony to standard queue training, from crawling to crossing obstacles, from field survival to field rescue, the characteristics of military academies are everywhere. Especially the impressive Military Sports Boxing can make the whole school more exciting and blood boiling. We are like an invincible army, under the leadership of the school, invincible!
I remember the first time, practicing shooting aiming, the teacher sent me a “gun”, I did not even know to close one eye to aim, stunned is to open two eyes to look forward, causing students to laugh. There are also training creeping forward, many students fear dirty clothes, afraid of wet clothes, afraid of elbow pain unwilling to do. After the teacher’s repeated patience guidance, the students finally overcome the psychological pressure, abandoned a body of delicate, not afraid of dirty, not afraid of pain, again and again to do action until it can meet the standard. I remember in physical education class, in order to exercise physical fitness, the former students who ran three laps now run five laps according to their beliefs. During the break, the previous fighting, the wind of comparison disappeared. It is a common practice for senior students to make junior students respect and love each other, keep campus hygiene and do not speak dirty words. When freshmen enter school, everything is strange, but after getting along with each other, they find that the leaders and teachers of the school take care of every child just like their relatives. And the children’s hearts are no longer worried, school leaders and teachers as their relatives.
The school not only teaches us a lot of cultural knowledge, but also teaches us how to absorb energy to ignite cooking in the field. It also teaches us how to rescue and dress injuries in the field. Let’s learn the team spirit of helping each other.
Military academy campus scenery is infinite, campus culture is rich and colorful. In the June 1st Games, the cross-country competition with full-armed military academy students is even more exciting and unforgettable. The students were tired, and the teacher ran in person. The aim is to educate students and to strengthen their belief in victory. Persistence, insistence! Teachers’efforts are not in vain, students insist on the end, that is, the answer to the teacher, that is, the answer to the military academy. At the 13th Art Festival, teachers and students jointly deduced a moving song, a soft dance and martial arts performances. We were deeply impressed by the shining stars on the stage. There are many small science and technology productions on the showcase. There are many kinds of works pasted on the board newspaper, such as poetry, song and Fu, paper-cut, watercolor painting, fine brushwork, sketch, scratch, oil painting and so on. On the green artificial lawn, dozens of children, under the guidance of the instructor, splashed ink and wielded the slightest, showing the military school students’all-round talent in culture and military. As Mr. Liang Qichao said, “Youth wisdom is national wisdom, youth strong is national strength.” The hope of China lies in our youth.
One day I was walking home from school in my new uniform. Sitting on the stone steps, an old grandfather smiled and asked me, “What school are you, girl?” I answered, “Grandpa, I’m a little boy.” “How do you dress like that?” Grandpa said. I answered, “Grandpa, our school has changed its name! Change to Tonghua Leifeng Junior School!” After listening, he said with great emphasis, “A small good wow, these two years have developed very fast, the children read well, it’s absolutely right.”
Now I’m in Grade Six, and one year from now I’m leaving my beloved teacher and school where I’m progressing. Therefore, in this limited year, I will try my best to learn and master the knowledge of military academies, and use my own actions to influence junior students and younger girls. I can’t imagine how sad and reluctant I was when I left school after graduation. The memory of my alma mater is always in my heart!
Stay in your heart forever!