My family Lantern Festival

Because the Lantern Festival is a traditional festival, so on this day, my family has also taken this festival seriously.

Early in the morning, my mother started preparing food for us. Breakfast is generally simple, with a focus on lunch, which is as large as New Year’s Eve. You see, the whole family has mobilized, dressed in protective clothing, washed hands, all in battle, even the lazy do number one brother also came to join in the fun. Mother and good glutinous rice dough, my father and I will pinch the rice balls. Mother lifted a group of hands and smashed them into two equal sized squats. The two hands were gently kneaded, and the two rounds became a round dumpling. Dad’s skill in the dumplings was very skillful, and his face was in his hands like a magic, and he became a round dumpling. Although my craftsmanship can’t keep up with them, it still looks like a decent. The younger brother came to the party and went to see him. He watched Dad put the two dumplings on the palm of his hand. He also learned to roll back and forth between the two palms. But how can he roll two dumplings at a time? We only have one time. It took two ten seconds to make two dumplings, but the two faces in the palm of my brother could not be formed. He was in a hurry. He simply put the two grotesque dumplings directly together with the finished products we made. The two dumplings in the dumplings we made well were simply “chickens and cranes.”

“Autumn, the soup you made is so ugly!”

“You can only do ugly, hehe!” Although he had a hard mouth, he still felt that he had no face, so he went “offensive” to the finished product we finished doing – and we smashed the dumplings we made.

“Qiu Hao, you don’t want to eat rice balls for a while? You can’t do it and destroy it, it’s so ugly, who still eats?” I didn’t expect him to be ashamed, like crying. Dad had to say: “If you forget it, we will eat this dumpling.” For the younger brother’s naughty, the whole family is very helpless. It is not good to say anything about this big festival.

Pinch the dumplings, the next procedure is to cook the dumplings. Mother used a gas stove to cook vegetables, and we used a large earthen stove to cook the dumplings. I am responsible for adding firewood, and my father is responsible for watching the rice balls in the pot. The pot just took hot air, and the younger brother drooled. After a while, I urged me to add firewood quickly. After a while, I urged my father to hurry up the soup, and went to my mother to complain. “My sister and father are so slow, they don’t want me.” Eat the dumplings.” Mom’s attention is on the cooking, and after a while, the salt is vinegared for a while. If you can’t take care of your brother, you will have to swear.

The younger brother hoped and hoped, and finally the dumplings went out, and the mother’s dishes were also fried. Needless to say, the dishes are very rich, chicken, duck and fish are prepared, color and flavor. Dad set off firecrackers at the door, and the cockroaches hadn’t finished yet. The younger brother couldn’t wait any longer. He picked up a dumpling with a spoon and sent it to his mouth. The dumplings that just got the pot can be imagined to be very hot, and the brothers are hot. Jumping, rushing to the ground, sticking out his tongue, and slamming his hand against his mouth, turning around and turning around. Dad couldn’t help but smile, and all of us laughed.

Our family happily tasted the taste of the young and tasted family. When adding the dumplings, I quietly put the dumplings wrapped in a coin into the bowl of my brother. My brother ate this coin and showed a surprised look. I and my father and mother blessed my brother: “Good luck for the new year, healthy growth!”