Today, I was writing a homework assignment at home. Around 8:30, I heard the play of my younger siblings. I couldn’t write any more. So I went downstairs with my shoes and saw that my younger siblings were not in the yard. I went out and saw that my brother and sister were shooting. I think, hey? It’s not a Chinese New Year. How can I sell firecrackers? I was thinking, my brother ran over and took the snacks in my hand. I saw a pack of spicy food. He also ate a pack. It. When I saw that it was fine, I went upstairs. Just after I opened the door, my cousin came back from behind and brought me a pack of firecrackers that looked like 5 rings. Let me put it.

I am a naughty child, so I saw that my brother and sister were so afraid of holding a lighter and firecrackers at home to pretend to be at home. Hehe, the younger brother and sister, made me smile, and quickly closed the door, as if I was so worried.

When we put only 2 of the guns, I saw a local old man walking slowly with a cane. When I saw it, we knew that our five-shot gun had clashed with him. I rushed away from the other side of his house. But what about the two guns in the gun box? I am determined to open them up, don’t make any noise, and not the Chinese New Year.

When we got home, the younger brother and cousin whispered: Go, go shopping. I know that they have to buy junk food again, and quickly stopped him and said: I will go too. I saw that my cousin had 3 yuan and thought about what I could buy. When I got to the supermarket, my brother saw that junk food was going to buy. I told him a little, he didn’t want it, but he wanted a three-color cup, but he could only buy it.

It’s a bit unfair to have 4 tri-color cups at home. I will put the stick in half, one for me, the cousin, the younger brother and sister, they will eat the chopsticks, they eat and rush like, of course, I don’t have to be restrained, just eat it and see who eats. More.

Eat and eat, think, oh, no! How did my cousin have so much money? So I asked him, he did not say, but my brother answered him and said: It is he who stole. I have long heard that my cousin will ask for money, but he is stealing money for the first time. I said loudly to my brother: What is your mouth?

My brother was crying, but my heart was like a knife. Hey, is this money really stolen by my cousin? I seriously asked my cousin. The cousin grinned and did not speak. I think that’s really true. I am very angry, but I can’t speak my cousin. I asked my sister, is it true? She said yes. I said: Did you see it? She said: I saw it. I said again: Then why don’t you stop him when he takes the money? You are a sister, how can you let your brother do bad things? You know that if you look at someone stealing or doing bad things, you don’t stop. He is equal to stealing, know. My sister nodded. So I asked him how much he stole? She said 10 yuan. I was so angry that my father told me that the previous tuition fee was only 5 yuan. Now the pencil is only a few points. Now a good one is 2 yuan. Why are you? Because they are all squandering flowers. Money, those businessmen have seen you messing around and selling things more and more expensive. If you are spending money indiscriminately, these things will one day make you unable to afford it. I also talked about people who spend money to make their homes go bankrupt. I said let them nod their heads. I also said, don’t spend money and steal money. But I didn’t say if. Because if these two words are not just can be said.