The person who has the most influence on me

Looking back over the past ten years, the person who has the most influence on me is undoubtedly my mother.

My mother has no difference from ordinary people. However, the most influential to me is the tolerance, understanding, open-mindedness and silent love that her normal heart reflects.

From the time I was just sensible, she often said to me: “Mom hopes that you will be happy with you all your life. Learning how to survive is not the whole life. I hope you learn to enjoy life.” Although I didn’t know much about my mother at the time. Meaning, but now, I have found that she has been working hard for it. From the time I was very young, my mother was deliberately cultivating my reading habits. From the beginning, she read me, and now I have told her the experience of reading, I have experienced a sense of accomplishment and pride. Therefore, learning is fun for me.

For my hobbies, my mother never interferes, and it is naturally happy to learn from the interest classes I choose. She also chose sports that I was not good at, tempered my will, and gave me the courage to face setbacks and failures. What surprised me the most was that my mother actually let me learn Latin dance. I felt very depressed at the beginning. But now I understand, what is to enjoy life. When I stood on the stage like a star, I wanted to say to my mother, “Mom, thank you for giving me a stage to show myself.”

Many parents think that children are “nearly Zhu Zhe Chi, near the ink black”, so they do not let their children interact with students with poor grades, but the mother does not agree with this view. She believes that since the “ink” will be black, why can’t we let others near “Zhu” be red? She is very much in favor of my interaction with the “problem” children in the class, and expressed my great appreciation for the help and encouragement I gave them. In the fourth grade, there was a special naughty classmate in our class. He regarded me as his only intimate friend and told me his heart. With my sincere help and encouragement, he has improved a lot. I am very pleased.

Mother often said that learning is her own business, and each of us has a responsibility to be responsible for what we do. Therefore, she is concerned about my learning process, but does not care about the test scores. Good test, my mother does not easily reward me. The exam is over, she will encourage me and help me analyze the reasons. When I was frustrated by failure, she would gently touch my head and say, “Children, failure once or twice does not mean eternal failure. Mom believes that tomorrow you must be better than today.” Her words are like The warm sunshine melted the ripples in my heart, allowing me to face any setback with a normal attitude.

Many classmates in the class like to come to my house to be a guest. Their feelings are summed up in one sentence – “Your mother is really enthusiastic!” As everyone said, any classmate, regardless of her grades or family background, she The same warm hospitality. Everything she did made me feel that my friend enjoyed the same treatment as her friend. My mother’s words and deeds taught me every move, let me learn to be tolerant, learn to understand, learn to be broad, and learn to think for others.

In my life, my mother has always been the most loved person around me, asking for help, knowing the cold and knowing the heat. She is doing too much for me, but she never asks for any return. This is a kind of unselfish love! It is this kind of love that gives me too much to forget.

My mother is like a loyal navigator who has determined the correct course for the boat of my life. At the same time, she let me withstand the test of heavy rain and storm, temper my will, so that I can fly freely in the vast sea. Mom’s love is like a mountain, like the sea. There are thousands of peaks in the world, and it is not as good as her love for me.

If I have learned a little care and gratitude in dealing with people, a little self-confidence and persistence, I would like to thank the person who has the most influence on me in my life – my mother.