My father and I are more than childhood.

After dinner, my father and I took an extracurricular book and sat on the sofa while watching and chatting. Looking at it, we talked about childhood, I asked Dad, what is your childhood? So, Dad began to tell me the story of his childhood, compared to my childhood, it is really different!

First, the learning environment:

When Dad was a child, the classroom was a earthen wall and grass house. The windows were covered with plastic cloth. In winter, the frozen hands didn’t want to stick out. My current school is all high-rise buildings, and the windows are also ventilated screens and clean glass. There is air conditioning in the classroom, which is warm in winter and cool in summer. When Dad was young, there was no electricity in the classroom, and there was no electric pole. At home, it was also illuminated with kerosene lamps. In my classroom, there were bright electric bars around the ceiling, air conditioning, TV, and a control desk. TV computer. When Dad was a child, the table was a long piece of wood. The legs of the table were all made of bricks. Our current table is made of plastic. One person, a beautiful stool, don’t mention how happy. Dad’s schoolbags were all made by grandmother’s old cloth. The book cover was wrapped in newspapers, and our beautiful new school bag now has many functions. It can be backed and pulled. Our book cover is also clean. Made of plastic, there are many patterns on it, and some have an ancient poem and brain teasers. When Dad was a child, he had barely seen an extracurricular book in addition to a small book, and I now have a pile of extracurricular books. I can’t see it all. I also learned a lot from the book.

Dad and my learning environment are really different, but the same is that both my father and I can achieve excellent results and learn new knowledge. Dad said that his happiest thing is when the final exam is issued. At that time, the winning students will wear red flowers and the school will be beaten to the parents. At this time, the most proud of it is grandparents.

Second, living conditions:

Dad was born in 72 years. At that time, I still relied on work points to eat (I don’t quite understand this point). Therefore, the usual staple food is corn patties and miscellaneous grains. I eat now, every day, there are white noodles, and I still eat corn patties. Yeah, now I really want to eat what I can eat. When Dad was a child, he wanted to eat meat and dumplings only when he was a Chinese New Year. So, Dad still likes to eat dumplings. Dad smiled and said that Grandma didn’t give him enough at that time, but now? KFC, McDonald’s, steak and other foreign food can also be eaten, eating is not rare. When Dad was a child, because his grandparents were going to work in the fields, they would cook for a small time, and I still have clothes to reach out. Now I have to open my mouth, but I usually do some simple housework for my mother.

Third, entertainment

When Dad was young, he didn’t have electricity at home, and he didn’t have TV or computer. But his childhood was very happy. His favorite at that time was listening to storytelling, Henan pendant, going to the neighboring village to watch movies, and now we have TV and computer homes. There is also a very large cinema. When Dad is a child after school, he can play as much as he can, and he can catch fish in the river. He can go to the field to catch the cockroaches. After I finish school, I still have to listen to English, practice the piano, write blogs, and write holidays. There are extracurricular classes, so I still admire my father. When Dad was a child, he had dinner in the summer. The friends in twos and threes will gather in the big open space of the village. Everyone will play together and play their own original games of “playing enemies”, throwing sandbags, fighting chickens, etc., and my little girl. I like to play games that are quieter, I also like to play computer games, and sometimes I will hold a joke contest to make everyone happy.

Today, my father and I are more than childhood. When I was a child, I was very envious, and some of them were better than my father when I was young. However, my father’s childhood was very different from my childhood. Whether childhood is hard or happy, we are all healthy and happy, happy!