Childhood “stupid things”

In this golden childhood, I have a golden story. Childhood seems to me to be “the tree of life is green.” The happy thing is a gleaming green leaf. Occasionally, a cold wind blows, a green leaf falls, let I am ashamed, let me regret it.

When I was young, I was a little stupid, pitiful and silly. When I was young, I used to imitate adults and do some stupid things. Of course, what I got was not the joy of harvest, but the snoring of adults.

It was a Sunday, “Hey! It’s so lonely at home! It’s so boring!” My words were heard by Xiaoqing’s sister. Xiaoqing’s sister said, “Tingting, let’s be a star!” “Well, I am happy. Dancing and dancing. “I admire those who are the stars, they always have a lot of people around, and they are still the media attention. Good fun! Say it, just do it, I and Xiaoqing sister rummaging through the box to find cosmetics, because the stars always draw good clothes before they go out, that is, they are beautiful and beautiful. In the end, we were very miserable. We only found two boxes of shoe polish, one box of black and one box of white. But Xiaoqing sister said it doesn’t matter.

I first helped Xiaoqing sister to apply eyelashes and eyebrows. I carefully applied her to her. She also replied and carefully helped me finish it. After painting these, we feel that what seems to be missing. I know, Xiaoqing sister called, she said: “Tingting, do you think that we are missing some water, I know, what we lack is ruddy, I quickly take my color paper-cut, take out the A red one, soaked in water, very fast, pure tap water, turned into red, like a bloody mouth. We took a little water, applied to the face, and soon, our face became pink and pink Looks, it looks good. When everything is ready, we put on my mother’s high heels and walk out of the house, hey! We really attracted a lot of eyes and eyeballs, most of them are surprised, mouths are with Like the eggs. After a long time, we didn’t go back, just because a reporter came to interview us, but in the evening, there wasn’t even a figure. We are not discouraged, because we know that big reporters will definitely not Going to such a small place, let’s say that the glittering gold will shine one day. We dragged our heavy footsteps and slowly returned home. Mom and Dad, we have been waiting at home for a long time. We have to be carried out without a trace and anxious, they anxiously at home stomped step.

“Mom, I am back!” “Ah! There are ghosts! Dad heard his mother’s screams and quickly rushed over. When he saw me and Xiaoqing sister, he didn’t start a cold war, with a trembling The voice said: “Are you Tingting and Xiaoqing? “I was surprised by this sentence that my father asked. I wondered how Dad didn’t even know his daughter, but I told them very friendly, I am their daughter htt (my name Abbreviation, my parents, often call me at home.) They heard this sentence and couldn’t help but breathe a cold breath.

They said in a tone of disbelief: “How can you be this look?” “Which look we are.” We asked back. When you look in the mirror, you know what kind of appearance you are.

We came to my room and looked at the mirror together, ah! Ghost! Of course, it is also called out in one go. It turns out that we have dark chocolate in the mirror than dark chocolate. We are black and unsuccessful. No wonder, everyone who sees us calls us ghosts. We also eat ourselves and we have to go to the father and mother. They admit their mistakes. Because they were frightened, they punish us for a day’s work and a month’s worth of pocket money. Although we have 10,000 unwilling, but this is the case, they criticized me. The two of us, we also assured them that we will not do such stupid things in the future.

Looking back now, it’s ridiculous. I’m still playing with Xiaoqing’s sister, but I don’t play those stupid things.