May Day Tour to Jiujiang

During the May Day holiday, my father and mother came to Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province to play.
We went to Wuyuan, which is the most beautiful village in China, full of pastoral atmosphere. The bridge is flowing water, a gray building, very beautiful. In Li Keng, Wuyuan, I saw many ancient houses. The houses were built of wood, with white walls and grey roofs. The most special one was a skylight in the middle of the roof. The tour guide told us that the size of the skylight varies according to the owner’s official position. The bigger the official position, the bigger the skylight. The house is very tall, the light in it is very soft, there are no windows around it, and the sunlight shines through the roof skylight. There is a big water tank in the center of the house. When it rains, the rain comes into the water tank. It is said that it also has the function of fire fighting.
I also saw wood carvings carved on the walls there, very clear, some old people playing chess, some beams carved with a large group of mice, indicating that many children, grandchildren. If it is an official, there is a black gauze hat and a string of copper coins carved on the stone carvings at the door.
He went to Jiangwan, Jiang Zemin’s hometown. There are four specialties: red carp, black inkstone, green tea and white sydney. There is a cultural atmosphere everywhere. Walking on those stony roads, we can see the simple Jiujiang people. We can smell the water of Jiujiang and eat Sydney. It’s very crisp, sweet and beautiful in heart.
The next day, we went to Sanqing Mountain of “Xiaohuangshan” in Jiujiang. We took a cableway to the middle of the mountain. We looked down the cableway. Wow! It was terrible. It was like falling down. My mother said it was beautiful. Let me not be afraid. The cableway was safe. I was not nervous anymore. Looking around, there are mountains and green trees everywhere. It reminds me of the poem “Looking across the mountains as peaks, distances and heights are different.” Mountains are connected with mountains, like a big wreath. It’s beautiful!
We started to climb the mountain. The altitude of Sanqing Mountain is more than 1800 meters. The route we took is “M” type. First, take a section of air trestle, which is dangerous and narrow. Especially those overhead trestles, they seem to be overhead bridges. I saw mountains of different shapes, continuous. There are forefinger-shaped mountains, mother-son mountains, mountains like snake heads, and grandpa in gourd dolls. It’s so lifelike! And the scenery from every side of the mountain is different, which makes me open my eyes.
Although the climbing process is very tired, but when I see “a line of day”, there is a line of white clouds in the sky to meet us, standing on the top of the mountain, blowing cool mountain breeze, breathing fresh air, all tiredness disappeared in a moment. There are minerals in the mountains. There are many mysteries of nature. We still need to explore them.
In the afternoon, I went to Rainbow Bridge with my father and mother, where is the shooting site of “Flashing Red Star”, which is the most complete gallery bridge reserved at present. Walking on the bridge, I watched the river flowing slowly and the water was clear. In the distance is the village. In the evening, it is dim, which adds some mysterious color to the scenery. There is also a big water truck. In ancient times, people used water trucks to draw water. At the same time, there was a big hammer at the other end of the water truck, which was used to chisel rice. I think ancient people were very clever and could come up with such a good method.
Before leaving, I still have some reluctance, this holiday I had a very meaningful!