It’s good to have a few chickens.

When I was a child, I was most afraid of Grandma’s cock. Every time I go to my grandmother’s house, she walks past me proudly, totally ignoring me. Occasionally I play with my little buddies in Grandma’s yard. When the rooster sees it, he will chase me and peck me. What’s more annoying is that it will urinate and defecate everywhere and make Grandma’s yard dirty. So when my mother suggested raising a few chickens, I strongly opposed it.
But people are quiet. Despite my strong objection, my mother bought several chickens and raised them in a bamboo basket. And my mother always repeats a sentence to me: “You will find it better to raise chickens slowly.”
When the chickens were just bought back, they were hairy and called “serge” with their budding little Milky voice. Probably they were bought and raised so young that they would still miss their mothers. When he was tired of screaming, he lowered his head and pecked the broken rice grains on the plate, just like the allegorical saying in the Chinese textbook, “Chickens eat rice – nod old”. In this way, it seems that the chicken is not only not hateful, but also has a feeling that people like it very much and want to protect it. But it eats so many broken rice grains every day that it must grow fast. Maybe in a few days it will become like Grandma’s cock. How terrible! I still have some worries in my heart.
In order to weaken my fear of chickens, my mother gave me an arduous task – feeding the chickens every day. Now I don’t want to run anywhere after school. Before I get home to do my homework every day, I will go to see the chickens first. Add some water to the chicken’s basin and scatter some broken rice grains on its plate. Sometimes the bamboo basket is too dirty. I will clean it up. Slowly, the status of chickens in my heart has surpassed that of our dog, because I think chickens need more care.
Under my careful care, the chickens grow up day by day. It seems that it has remembered me. Every time it hears my footsteps, they will run to the bamboo basket to meet me and look at me with their lovely little heads askew. Bamboo baskets can’t hold them now. Mother built a simple chicken house for them with bamboo and wire, made a chicken house for them, and spread soft straw in the chicken house. Mother said they were going to lay eggs, and I waited patiently.
One day passed, two days passed, and there was nothing but straw in the henhouse. When my mother asked my grandmother, she told me that the chicken had not laid an egg yet. She should put an introductor in the henhouse, that is, an egg in it first. Chickens are very clever. When they see eggs in their nests, they know they want to lay eggs in their nests.
Sure enough, within two days, I found three eggs in the chicken nest, except for the previous introduction, indicating that the chickens had two eggs together. My mother also told me that chickens don’t lay eggs every day. If they lay eggs, a chicken can only lay one at most. Mother took out the newborn chicken eggs and fried them for me. She said it was to reward me for taking care of the chickens for so long. I’m very happy and I’m beginning to like chickens.
Later, besides feeding the chickens, I also regularly check whether there are any eggs in the chicken’s nest. If so, I carefully took it out and put it in the plastic bucket my mother had prepared. Every few days, in order to reward me, my mother will use eggs to make me a variety of delicacies, such as: poached eggs, steamed egg soup, baked chicken cake, etc.
There are six chickens in my family, two of them are cocks. But no chicken like Grandma’s rooster, chasing and pecking people, they are very clever every day to eat broken rice grains, and then try to lay eggs, while the rooster, every day at dawn on time to crow. So even if I forget to set the alarm clock for school, I don’t have to worry about being late.
If you think about it, it’s good to have a few chickens.