All the way

In the long moonlight, I closed my palms, under the shade of trees, begging the old man to stop his hasty steps.
Several days, the time went through 4560 days, 109440 hours in the breathing room. Time is in such a hurry that the childhood in my memory is gradually fading away. So, I am in infinite silence around, leaning against the tree, closing my eyes, letting the gentle wind blow my memory, and arousing my endless reverie.
As dusk began to sink, the smoke from the old house climbed over the hill and watched the moon “still holding the Pipa and half covering the face”. Our children, who are not familiar with the world, are still looking around in the fields, listening to the sound of the wind passing through the wheat fields, smelling the sweet smell of rice and grass. It is like the grassland beyond our sight, like the song of a shepherd boy’s bamboo flute, like butterflies flying over everyone’s nose. When the old people at home shouted a few times in the original side, we could not stop coming home, let the hungry stomach full, and after dinner played hide-and-seek in the courtyard. The yuan was not big, but we could hide everywhere, the lights were dark, so we could hide. Although always secretly laughing at the foolishness of the seeker, he suddenly woke up the sleeping chickens and ducks and other livestock, so that the partners laughed, full of children’s laughter bubbles floating in the sky, want to be comparable to the stars, until the dead of night, all drowsy, want to frost eggplant, then. He washed and washed in a hurry, lay in bed, and fell asleep. Day after day, the river flowed year after year, but the lost childhood went with the wind.
grow up
Late at night, childhood has been dusty for a long time, that long-lost smile has also been lost, leaving only with bitter happiness, many are a stack of books and that sheet of A3 papers. Looking at the world through the glass, the lights are out, but the lights in the study are still working overtime. The same is that the moonlight, still quiet, and happiness is like stars. Occasionally, I got up, but my eyes were blocked by tall buildings. I did not even have the moonlight. I shook my head, sat down in frustration, and sighed at X, Y and Z. When I was worried about the way to solve the problem, my musical instruments and paintings were entangled with cobweb. When the bell rang at 12 o’clock, I was relieved, rubbed my eyes and went to bed. Sleep, the day is not bright, and turn up again, carrying a heavy bag, with a hazy sleepiness, stepping on the sunrise glory, go to school, the river of childhood is still flowing, blowing away the memory of the paper boat, bringing learning troubles, at the same time, bubbles burst.
Perhaps when the red dove kissed the West Hill, I went back to the old river, the old house, and met my former companions. My face was less innocent than that of that year, but there were more vicissitudes and sorrows. The mention of the past in words was no longer a joke, but a sadness of childhood. Even if I played the past Games again, I also felt suspicious. However tasteless, not because of the naivety of the game, but because the vision has changed, the heart has changed…
Childhood has gone with the flow of water, memory has been dust-laden for a long time, the past has gradually settled in the heart.
Hometown has not changed, is still green mountains and rivers, and I have changed, no longer carefree innocence.
Along the way, footprints have been buried by the years, traces have been washed by tears, paper boats have gone with the water. But you can’t erase the memory and smile.
Open your eyes, and continue to walk on the footprints of the past…