When I heard the term “positive upward”, I felt a shock in my heart. When I think of the bad atmosphere in today’s society, I feel a sense of shame. Nowadays, middle school students are also infected by this bad atmosphere. They don’t like to study and often stay in Internet cafes. They also wear the popular ornaments. This is also the “trend” people say. Many middle school students often say that their so-called “buddies’morality” often kills and kills, and often because of it. It is also very unfavorable to their future. In this way, I can not help but think of a great man who is positive and upward. He is Lei Feng.
Lei Feng’s name, I believe everyone is familiar with it. He is a hero for the people. He is willing to help others, diligent and progressive. The most important thing is his positive spirit. This is what our middle school students want to learn from him.
Lei Feng studied very poorly when he was young, but he did not continue to sink because of his poor grades. He kept working hard, striving and struggling to learn. Eventually, his achievements have increased, and he is not proud of it. He also constantly encourages himself: “I want to work harder, I want to continue to work hard.” By the fourth grade, because of his efforts, his grades have become “the most in the class”. Many students envy him and learn from him. He was very happy, but did not despise his classmates. He often helped others and answered their questions. He was really a good student who was eager to learn and helpful.
This is only one aspect of his diligence and eagerness to learn when he was a child. Now he is constantly improving his knowledge. He likes learning and is very patriotic. Therefore, he went to join the army to serve the country and contribute to the country. But Lei Feng had many setbacks in his military career. He was not discouraged because he would never bow to difficulties.
A physical examination revealed that Lei Feng’s height and weight did not meet the requirements of joining the army. Lei Feng did not give up. He begged the instructor to take him in. He kept pleading, so that the instructor was moved by Lei Feng’s perseverance and decided to take him back. In another military exam, Lei Feng failed to pass the mine test because he was too weak and had no strength. People in his company laughed at him and said he was useless. But Lei Feng did not admit defeat because of their ridicule. He practiced day and night, and his hand was injured, but he did not give up. He continued to practice. At last, he won the defeat and succeeded. His companions never dared to laugh at Lei Feng again. Moreover, in the army, his diligent and studious reading habits remain unchanged. He loves to read revolutionary books, which makes his knowledge wider.
In my eyes, Lei Feng is not only a diligent and eager learner, but also a person who is loyal and pure, learning actively and upward, often based on helping others. Moreover, his life has a direction, consciously moving forward, there is no hesitation, no contradiction. I think if Lei Feng chooses his life again, I think he will still follow the path he has already taken. This is his character and character. In this way, there are not many people who have a positive spirit. We should be glad for Lei Feng. From this, we should also learn Lei Feng’s patriotism and the spirit of serving the country.
Lei Feng, he is my admirable person. We should learn his spirit of being positive, helpful and diligent. We should be proud of it.