Dad’s schoolbag

“It’s it, it’s it, it’s it!” I can’t wait to grab my schoolbag from the dispatcher and carry it on my back. It’s so comfortable, so warm, and tears rustle down: it’s my father’s birthday gift, and it’s my only treasure of my father’s legacy. Seeing things and thinking about people, I cried like hell. Time and space are stagnant, slightly feeling that a pair of warm and soft hands are touching my cheek, gently wiping away my tears, raising my head, stunned, I do not know when to dispatch from the dispatching room to the salesman’s lounge, four eyes are opposite, she smiled, and said with a pleasant face: “This is the captain to give you 100 yuan, which is the two. Take the fare for the next round trip.
“I don’t want any money. Please pass it on to the person who found the bag for me. I’ll reward him. I’ll trouble you.”
“It’s a coincidence that it’s not a book.” The dispatcher chuckled and pointed out the window with his finger. “The money was given by the leader, and the bag was found by the leader with his help. You made me feel awkward.” Looking down her finger: in the hot sun, a thin middle-aged man was bending down to pick up garbage, one, two, three, without gloves, no clips, only two hands, bare, but full of old cocoons, strong, steady and fast, and soon stood to restore the original appearance, the spacious parking lot, There are two symmetrical piles of rubble, a swing road, two vast open spaces, and occasionally a few grass plants show infinite vitality. “Captain, I… I…” Usually, I can’t find the right words for a while. I hesitate and sweat on my head. “What’s the matter?” The captain straightened up and looked at my bag carelessly. “I’m sorry, young man, it’s our negligence in our work, which has caused inconvenience. Please forgive me.”
“Where, I should thank you, this is yours, hard work.” I came back to my mind and talked like a gun in a row. Before I knew it, we became friends. Originally, at noon on May 22, 2013, Wednesday, I took 917 Rapid Ring Water from Zhangfang Middle School for dinner as usual. As soon as I entered my home, I found that my schoolbag had disappeared. After school at 17:30 p.m., I anxiously called the dispatching room of 917 Quickly Lianshui General Station to confirm that my schoolbag had been picked up by careful ticket sales. Now I am lying quietly in the dispatching room, absolutely safe and ecstatic. On May 26, at 13:25 p.m. on Sunday, I came to the dispatching room of 917 Fast Laishui General Station without stopping to wait. I was stunned by the answer from the female dispatcher. Then I found the supervisor on duty, a middle-aged man, thin and small, but with torch-like eyes. He immediately contacted the dispatching office of No. 22, but his mobile phone was off, and he was taking his annual vacation. What should I do if I take half a month off to work? The middle-aged man took the opportunity to make up his mind and pulled out 500 yuan. I couldn’t laugh or cry, so let’s call it a day. A salesman’s lounge can’t help crying, schoolbags, that’s the bag my father left me! Dad, you left, why your schoolbags are missing? God, why are you so cruel? Sorrowful, painful. The middle-aged man silently put me on the bus, told the steward to avoid my ticket, and finally agreed with me to return to Zhao next Saturday or Sunday. Later, after several setbacks, he finally contacted the dispatch of No. 22, dispatching 100,000 urgently. He personally sent the key to the locker and took out my beloved schoolbag.
Bookbags, schoolbags, you insert the wings of love, fly into everyone’s new room, let love trickle down in our hearts.