Priceless friendship

Chen Ming and I are inseparable good friends. We go to school together, go home together and play together. With good things, the first thought is to share with each other. But we were upset by one thing.
That day, in class, the teacher taught us to make wooden boats. I really made a very delicate wooden boat. Looking at the results of a hard lesson I made, I thought: I made a delicate wooden boat, really beautiful! After school, I must put it on my desk, let me see enough.
When I was secretly pleased, Chen Ming came over and said, “Wow, what a beautiful wooden boat you made. Can you lend me a look?” I hesitated and finally agreed. I carefully handed it to Chen Ming and repeatedly told him, “Be careful, don’t break it. It’s my hard work for a lesson.” He took my boat and looked left and right. He loved it. I am relieved to see him so carefully. But as soon as I looked away, I heard a snap and saw my little wooden boat broken and torn apart. Chen Mingzheng looked at the debris on the ground in a panic. I saw that my hard work in a class was in vain, and I was very angry. I shouted, “Chen Ming, you accompany my boat, do you know how much I have spent on making this boat?” After listening to my words, Chen Ming became more nervous, panicked and trampled my boat even worse. I saw the broken wooden boat. In a fit of anger, a small wooden boat that had captured Chen Ming fell to the ground and stepped on several feet. Looked at the small wooden boat that I had trampled to pieces with tears in its eyes, and walked away without turning back.
Since then, Chen Ming and I are no longer good friends, even in the school met as if they did not know each other, and walked away. Suddenly, I felt that my close friends before Chen Ming and I were like a pair of strangers. I regretted that. When I calmed down that day, I felt very regretful. When I thought of the little things I had spent with Chen Ming before, I felt even more regretful when I saw Chen Ming talking and laughing with other students. I used my spare time to make a more delicate wooden boat. I wanted to apologize to Chen Ming, but I felt so humiliated that I dragged on.
One day after school, Chen Ming caught up with me. I looked at him. He lowered his head and blushed. He said to me in a voice as thin as mosquito smoke, “It was my fault that day. I shouldn’t have broken your hard-working wooden boat.” Then he took out a less elaborate wooden boat from his schoolbag. “This is a small wooden boat I made myself. I’ll pay you for it. Although it’s not as beautiful as what you did before, it’s also a piece of my mind. Can you follow me?” I saw him apologize and took out the wooden boat I made from his schoolbag and said to him. Actually, I made a mistake that day. I shouldn’t have deliberately broken your wooden boat. I compensated you for this boat. We should still be good friends as before. “”Well, let’s go home together.”We went home happily together.
When I got home, I put the wooden boat Chen Ming gave me on my desk. Although this wooden boat is not as delicate and beautiful as my previous wooden boat, it carries our sincere friendship, which can not be exchanged for anything. After this, we became better. We went to school together, went home together and played together as before. Our friendship will never change.