Plant Nurture Record

I went to Xiaolei’s house on the weekend and found many plants planted in front of her house. There are rhododendron, rose, aloe, cockscomb, trumpet, pencil flower, fleshy, cactus, cactus, there are many plants I can not name. After looking at Xiaolei’s flowers and her house, it feels like a castle, and Xiaolei is the little princess with a private garden in the castle. What an envy!
At last, I agreed with Xiao Lei to exchange my two magnets for her two plants. A small, but green cactus, a fleshy, very cute and fleshy. I wrapped it carefully with a paper towel and took it home like a baby.
I found a small saucepan with one ear missing from the kitchen and a small plastic bucket with peas for my mother from the grocery store. Now that the plants have their homes, it’s time to find food for them. I dug two bags of soil from my mother’s vegetable garden and evenly poured them into a small saucepan and plastic bucket. With a little water, the vegetable nutrition meal was ready. I loosened the soil with a shovel and planted the plants in their respective homes.
Xiao Lei said that these two plants are the best, and they can live well without much care. In that case, I should take good care of them and make them live better than Xiaolei’s. Every day when I came back from school, I would loosen the soil, water them, and sometimes chat with them. Although every time I just said, they never ignored me, but such a day makes me feel very full, very happy, very successful.
One day, when I came home from school, I shared the fun of school with the plants after watering. When I watched the cactus behave like a cunning ball, I could not help touching its head. I thought its thorns would be very strong. As a result, I reached over and found that it was soft. And not only the thorns are soft, but the whole cactus is soft. It’s rotten. Look at the fleshy side, there is no growing trend, but haggard to keep alive. I’m in a hurry. I take good care of them every day. How could they do that?
When my mother saw that I was sad, she came over and patted me on the shoulder and said, “It’s all right. There are many such cactus balls in my neighbor’s brother Xiaobo’s house. Let’s go to him and ask him to give you one and we will raise it together.”
My mother is like this, no matter what I do, she will support me.
Soon, my mother and I brought back a cactus ball and a cactus stick from Xiaobo’s brother’s house. Mother checked the home I found for the plants and the nutritious meals, and found the secret of the decay of the cactus. Originally, because there were no holes in the bottom of the pot I was looking for, the water could not penetrate, so the cactus was soaked alive by the water I poured. After finding out the reason, my mother found a nail and a hammer, nail nails, and soon nailed several small holes in the small stew pot and plastic bucket. Mother also changed the soil for the plants, and picked up some small warm stones by the river and laid them around the plants.
After Mom’s transformation, the plants grow up day by day. The cactus is greener than before and the flesh is fatter than before. They seem to be very satisfied with the nutritional meals that Mom has set up for them.
A year later, a number of small baby cactus grew around the cactus, fleshy leaves fell into the soil also grew into small fleshy. I believe that with my mother’s and me’s careful care, it won’t be long before a small garden can appear in front of my house. My home can also look like a castle, and I am the happiest little princess in this beautiful castle.