monthly test

Modern life is so developed that many things that we thought could not be done by human beings have become past tense one by one. Today’s technology is changing with each passing day. Looking into the future, there may be a day when the secrets of wormholes are broken by human beings and free travel through time and space is no longer an unreachable dream. Then I really want to go back to the time before the monthly exam of the fourth grade in primary school.
That monthly math exam results are really unbearable gambling, but only a low pass, only 65 points, always conceited and strong I fell in tears at that time, although the performance of other disciplines are very good, the competitiveness of the class is not very fierce, but the number of disciplines lost ground performance. Or let me slip from the second place to the tenth place, such a ranking let teachers break their glasses, but also let them feel very disappointed, parents are the same, but they still put away their low mood, very hard to comfort me, want to calm my sad mood, but consciously sorry for parents, teachers I cried sadly.
Although the monthly exam suffered “Waterloo” is a painful memory that people do not want to recall, but listen to the mother said: “the face still has to face”, recalling that the monthly exam really has many areas to be improved, such as: too conceited before the exam, the scope of the exam is not ready, too careless when answering… If I had the opportunity to travel through wormholes and time and space, I would invite me to review the subjects before the monthly exam and prepare the exam appliances. Then I would ask the exam-takers to answer with 100% of their heart, not too arrogant and arrogant, and pay attention to the speed of the answer. With all these efforts, I believe that the result of that time should not be too bad.
The result of that exam really depressed me for a long time, but it also taught me one of the most important things in my life, that is, “humility”. I did not know what humility was. If I did well in the exam, I always took it for granted to laugh at other people, no matter where they were sacred. However, the class chose not to blame the past, instead of laughing at me, they came back to comfort me. I was deeply moved by their actions and decided to make a fresh start. In the days to come, I took this painful lesson and tried hard to fight for every monthly exam. I really want to thank those good classmates who won the first championship in my life by a small margin of 0.13 in the last monthly exam to be promoted to senior grade. Although I transferred to a more competitive city to study after the event, the city is less likely to be angry with each other. Warmth, even now separated from the group of close friends, no longer exchanged with each other, but their tolerance and inspiration for me, I will never forget.
I think that 65 marks in that exam might be a gift from God. That failure not only taught me an important lesson in life – modesty, but also made me know a group of good classmates. I didn’t realize that the plot like a novel story actually happened to me. Although the results of the exam were heartbreaking. So if I can change the past and make everything more impeccable, I look forward to it. However, if I can not change the past, I would like to seize every opportunity and let life leave no regrets.