Snow is deep at sea

In the world of people, tears are like snow, and the night is deep.
Qi Hao dared to swear to the sky, he has never seen a woman like Gu Xiyi in this life!
Of course, what he said of “incomprehensibleness” does not refer to the aspect between men and women, but to the very unpleasant life experience when living with her.
Before, his ex-girlfriend Ke Zizi asked him to help, and looked after this strange woman who exuded the breath of “not getting close to people”, but did not tell him that she was so difficult to cope.
However, although Qi Qi is not willing to take care of a strange woman, but he still in the special feelings of Ke Qizi, and quickly completed this errand. Not only went to the airport to pick her up, she found a good place for her, and even arranged for her to work – he couldn’t think of anything else to do for her.
Can Gu Xiyi be this woman! Not only did he look sulky when he came, he ignored him. It’s good tonight, even if he doesn’t even find a good house or company, he still loses his temper! What “I didn’t ask you for help, why are you so active!”, so I can tell.
He is also strange, how, isn’t Ke Xiaozi saying that she is very pitiful? But she does not seem to be pitiful at all, but a very hateful look! Is he only pitiful?
So until the end, the moment I spent a lot of effort to persuade her to go to work, Qi Yan only lamented the benefits of single: anyway, if he had such a girlfriend, he certainly could not This world is alive!
However, it is a pity that even if she thought that she had nothing to do with her, Qi Qi still had to live without it – just because he accidentally said that she had a phone call with Ke Zizi, “like her kind of person.” Being broken up is alive!”.
I don’t know when Gu Xiyi, who was standing at the door, listened to the sound of a stack of documents and sneered back. “I don’t think I was broken up, but I feel like you. It’s a matter of being separated by Ke Zizi!” After she finished, she turned and left, and she couldn’t speak for a long time.
So far they have tied the beams. After that, he fell into the moment when he answered a person who said that he knew Joe Qiyin, but Gu Xiyi immediately dismantled the dilemma, or he only finished with others, but she turned around and asked. “You are not saying that you don’t like him? Why do you want to pretend?”
God! Is there any question in his answer? If someone who doesn’t know can get to know it right away, isn’t that still known? What he thinks is just a means of speaking. In order to achieve the trust of the customer, she has to deal with the essence and the ambition of the ambition, and even swearing him is a sophistry!
Even until the end, her dispute with him actually developed into a question about the principle of being a man! She directly said that he was exaggerated, hypocritical, and ruthless, and he could still bear the bad temper, just said she, “I heard that you live in the country, shouldn’t it be very simple? How so sensitive? Oh!”.
But it is such a common saying that Gu Xiyi can also use it to make a fuss, and he has a cold war with him.
Qi Qi did not see her inconsistency at all. She only thought that she was not the kind of person who could follow the trend but could hold the essence. Fortunately, she was not enough heat, so before she came out, Qi Wei had to turn her away first.
But when you think about it with your toes, you know, how can someone who doesn’t save trouble, how can they not make trouble?
On the day she was ordered, she left quietly. It was not until three months later that Qi Hao received the call, and she did not go to work at all!
Qi Hao had to hurry to chase Gu Xiyi’s hometown. He was very annoyed along the way – if it wasn’t for Ke Xiaozi’s entrustment, he wouldn’t bother to manage that woman!
His anger was stunned by reason, so he did not seriously look at the green outside the window – not a hundred years old wood, but two or three years of plantation, although lush, but lost stability.
In other words, he never used her to understand her growing environment and everything she experienced, and naturally she thought that she was unreasonable and a hypocritical and thoughtful person.
He regarded her as a false, not a false one, and believed in the dense green outside the window. It’s no wonder that he didn’t understand the sentence. “I can’t feel it anymore. The trees in the mountains are full of trees, the coldness of the bones, and the sound of birds and birds in the horrible night. I have made my heart warm so warm…”, maybe he doesn’t understand, the real horror is the present scenery.
When I got off the bus, I felt a fascinating woody fragrance, just as rude and intuitive as her!
The heat wave swept through, almost stunned people, and the high temperature made the things in front of them unreal. He set his mind, walked on the uneven cement road, and passed through the towering holly.
The sharp-eyed assistant V immediately discovered the location of Gu Xiyi. It turned out that she was kneeling under one of the holly trees, and the little one could not be seen.
The heat of summer has already made Qi Hao very unpleasant. His memories have changed somewhat, and he remembered the bleak days of his rough trousers. However, Xiao V felt that he was very powerful. Looking at the wolf’s Gu Xiyi, he dismissed the sentence with disdain. “It is a farmer!” This sentence made Qi Qi feel very harsh, he would not want her to go along with it.
When he didn’t have time to say hello to Gu Xiyi, he crossed the pile of wood chips that made the mushroom material and walked on the wet and hot one. The shoes were filled with wood chips, and the delicate shirt collars were stained with stains. He unhappyly licked his head and was close to Gu Xiyi, who was kneeling under the tall holly.
Gu Xiyi, who heard the sound, turned his head and found that the coming person was him, and then turned back indifferently. The one who was so eager to help her pull the heavy woven bag together could not help but feel uncomfortable: yes, she was the one who appeared in front of him without knowing whether it would be worse! He knew that he should not expect anything from her.
But Qi also knows that she can’t be tough on her, and in order to avoid her attitude will be tougher, he has always had no cleansing concept, he still wants to help her pull the woven bag.
Only when he was obsessed with the head, but when he was close to her, she couldn’t help but laugh when she saw her body. His kind of “smirking” really made her angry, and then she did not dare to laugh.
He crouched down and prepared to help her pull up the woven bag. However, when I found out that the bag of wood dust was soaked in water and the smell of the sun evaporated, it smelled so strong and stinky that it was almost suffocating. However, Gu Xiyi also degraded him. “If you can’t do it, don’t force it. Nothing at all.” I want to come, why do you pretend to be a gesture!”.
Qi Yi heard that there is no end, but I don’t have to think about what it means.
He is not an irritable person, but he really feels that he never wants to meet this woman again in his life! His eyes were slightly stunned, and he was really angry this time – he never said two words, he was going to be mad, and this is the meaning of Gu Xiyi’s existence! He thought in his heart angrily.
Qi Qi was very angry and lifted his legs to go, and the condescending eyes were sharp and determined. But just fortunately but unfortunately, his gaze was caught in the moment of touching her hand.
That is a pair of good-looking, healthy hands! It has fine texture and blue skin that is faintly visible. Because of the heat, it shows that the long-term smudged joints in the book business are more graceful. The pair is now doing the most sinister living hand–a pair of hands that can create and enjoy art, can be integrated into the heart of life, and can be strong.
He could almost see the dry touch on the book allusions in his mind, and the most squatting hand now has a very amazing charm. Its meticulous lines, and round pink nails, even if it is stained with some wood chips, does not affect the slender and beautiful beauty, and the long hair between the thumbs is so beautiful, but it seems to have a natural beauty.
Together, I can’t help but re-examine this woman who is lying on the ground. This woman is filthy to her father, loyal to her friends, loyal to her, and friendly to strangers. There is no joy. The character is changeable but the camouflage is as always. I think that there is a god sometimes but abandoning the gods, and the gods love tears…
But after deducting other dissatisfaction, Qi Wei discovered that she is really a person who can’t be pure from beginning to end – at least he is purer, and she is so fraternal, silly to let people look at spitting And some distressed.
Well, in fact, her spiritual things are not very clear, which is why he never thought about helping her in any spiritual world. But he just couldn’t stand her theory of being a man, and he thought it was ethereal. But at the moment, he suddenly thought of those, and there was a lot of incredible understanding in his heart.
The Qishen’s thoughts were self-contained, but this suddenly reminded me of the key to all the problems–he actually created her desire to occupy in such a situation, which made him dare not believe it! He dared to swear that he had never been so awake and really wanted to have someone.
He secretly bite his lip and want to say something, but he feels boring. And it is very shameful. I don’t know why, he has some inferiority and some unforgivable embarrassment in front of her.
He looked at the distance with a gaze, but the hollowness of his abdomen made his body crumbling. The fainting of the mind is all about her picture, only the last sentence, “You don’t know, this is the love on the cliff!”, let him wake up in an instant.
Didn’t listen to what Gu Xiyi said, Qi Yan saw her turn into the door, and then followed. But he was suddenly afraid that she would laugh at him after she knew her idea.
At Joe Qi’s birthday dinner, he also had a prejudice against her that she did not completely eliminate, and she seems that she will not change her attitude towards him until now, even until later.
But it is strange that he has always been only suffering for those who look down on him, but why is this so dependent on this person who is faintly despising him? She still lives in her own way, but let him repeatedly question himself. Was he shocked by her world? Qi Hao can’t help but feel annoyed.
Just thinking, Gu Xiyi suddenly turned around and asked him before he even stepped into the threshold of the house. “Why are you coming back, are you going to leave?”
Qi Qiyi, a half-heartedly replied: “You, go back to work with me, we can talk about any problems. If you do this, others will think that I have done something to you…”
Gu Xiyi snorted, his eyes seemed to be a little tired and there was some inexplicable anger. “It’s why Ke Zizi will take it! If you take care of her feelings, you can tell her that I am doing well and I don’t need her. Take care of it… But you are very strange. In the past, you were not so worried about troubles. Why did you not work hard this time? If it is for her, then you can please her, because if she asks me If I do, I will say that you have abused me.”
The tone of Gu Xiyi’s speech is very real, so the rogue words are all from people’s mouths.
Qi Hao did not like it. “I am telling you about going to work. Why do you have to take Ke Zizi? She is so good to you, why are you so hostile to her, are you such a person good at it?” Do you misinterpret the good intentions of others?”.
Gu Xiyi stunned and couldn’t help but sneer. “Yes, I am the one with such a problem in my head. All of us like her and think about her. Do you dare to say that you come to me, not because you are afraid?” Didn’t she come in front of her, so did you come here? But have you ever thought about the feelings of others for a second? Why am I doing this? Why is she doing this… That’s because she is afraid that I will go back and look for it. My ex-boyfriend, her current boyfriend, so I am looking for you to monitor me! Know why I have a bad attitude towards you? Because you are like her, no, just like all selfish people, born to oppress people The kind that makes people very uncomfortable, but wants a good reputation.”
Qi Qi was said by her, and she kept watching Gu Xiyi until she could not see anything. He walked a few steps forward and sat down on the chair, not knowing what he was thinking.
However, a long time later, he opened his mouth lowly. “Is it necessary for me to start like this?” Unfortunately, Gu Xiyi did not hear clearly, and did not continue to ask for desire. Time seemed to be so stagnant. And she is like a frozen rose on a distant mountain, rejecting the right to love and accepting happiness – even if she has enjoyed the years when someone once held her in the palm of her hand.
At the moment when Gu Xiyi will turn around, Qi Tong understands that she is as eager for freedom as Ke Zizi. But the two of them, one voice, want to wander, but in fact they are most afraid of loneliness, and Ke Xiaozi does not mention it, but it is not to be violated.
No matter how far Gu Xiyi is, as long as he is summoned by the person she loves, he will be eager to belong. Therefore, her lonely soul will be holy forever. But what is she thinking now? Maybe thinking about the man who once loved her, she still loves in the hands of Ke Zhezi, but there is a feeling more uncomfortable than homelessness? But what should I do? He is also a selfish person.
At this moment, he was very remorseful when he was habitually cocked, but then he thought about it. Before the front, he was a person who did not love himself. Why should he care about her feelings? He smiled contemptuously, and there was a sadness in his heart.
And Gu Xiyi really did not like his arrogance, she leaned back on the door frame and restored the consistently cold attitude.
“Unfortunately, according to my moral principles, I should not turn a blind eye to your infatuation with Ke Zizi, but I don’t want to be a tool for you to flatter. So you should go!”.
After Gu Xiyi finished speaking, he turned to leave, but Qi Yan held her hand. Gu Xiyi turned his head and saw that Qi Xiao’s face was very strange, but he still took his hand. “Why, what else do you want to say?”.
Gu Xiyi asked twice, Qi Qi did not answer, just sitting, her heart was impatient, the brow just wrinkled, Qi Yan could not help but faintly kiss her full of frosty face.
But he didn’t seem to expect that the cold would hurt him all at once, so he instantly lost his excuse, and then after seeing her ridiculous eyes, he immediately understood that it didn’t make sense.
At the moment when I was about to step out of the door, Gu Xiyi paused, standing upright, with a bit of determination.
A gust of wind blew, and people could not help but feel sad. The grass on the soil ladder next to the window swayed in the wind, looking chilly, and the poisonous sun that had already been in the air, the Gu Xiyi who had just gone from the main entrance was immediately imprisoned in a fiery cage.
She also needs to work hard to fight for her own soul. And he seems to be nothing more than a stalker stumbling block on her way.
There is always someone in the world who is comfortable, and there are always people who suffer, but Qi Qi is the first time so painful to be stabbed. Unlike the feeling that Ke Xiaozi brought to him, he felt a social sorrow that had never been and was beyond his personal ability.
He had never noticed a gap between people, only those who worked hard and did not work hard. But she always makes him feel helpless defeat and inner uneasiness. This is not only a sorrow that is not recognized in front of her, but also a huge, incompetent feeling of powerlessness that extends from her.
Their thoughts always run counter to each other, their emotions are full of heat, but there is always a fierce rhetoric at an inappropriate time. At the end of the last, only he was frustrated by his own ecstasy.
In the life before Gu Xiyi, he was frustrated, but he still knew that he could do anything. Every day in those sensual occasions, full of energy and confidence. Even if it is Ke Zizi, he is not willing to let go now, so he will help her to look after this abominable woman. Unexpectedly, after meeting her, he actually learned to taste the heart alone in the dark, always recalling the problems he had never thought of before…
Although he is not as arrogant as he used to be, he has learned to be relaxed and indifferent, and these are the unique changes she brought to him.
Sometimes Qi Zhen really thinks that she is like a god, so that he gave up the precious will to pursue excellence, but she is indeed like an angel, let him understand the true self. Although she is in such a faraway place, and he can only stay in the same place to look up, so far away – humble love!
Qi Yan held his hands and held his head, not wanting to speak. Half a mile, but got up and walked out, cold and frosty on the car, leaning on the cushion to close the eyes. The long nails pierced the palm of his hand sharply, but his face was still as indifferent as usual.
On this road to the city, whether it is the change of emotions or the temple of the soul, no matter how many twists and turns, the end of life, there is always only one person, thousands of days and nights, forever lonely.
why? The person who wants to watch is not around, but God is still damn sending such a person to uncover his scars and touch his heartstrings? But has he lost his energy and can’t move because of this reversal?
Yes, he knows that he has no way to give her a love of society. There is no common topic, no change in the other’s mind, and peaceful coexistence.
Because they are as proud as they are, guarding selfishness, and always have the most primitive fear and resistance to the world. It’s just that she has long understood and refused to admit it, and he has already known this, but never knows.
And now, he will not have the courage to fight. For the first time, what he wanted was desperate before he did it. He lost her forever, but he didn’t even have the courage to try it – because of the huge social divide, no one can fill it.
In fact, they are all equally pitiful. Sometimes re-elected, even a word of love can not say, but still a person is sad to die. And he seems to be a person who is sleeping in an illusory dream, stabbed and awakened by the angel’s kiss, only to discover how realistic his situation is: how ordinary he has been to the world, and how much he longs for those who he used to Deep disdain, the ancient emotions that have long since annihilated.
Why, there are so many kinds of human sorrows from the same mountain spirit, and when did he learn her so disturbing thoughts?
I don’t know when, a drop of crystal fell on the shirt stained with wood chips, wrapped in strong power, disturbing the quiet air inside the car. I noticed an abnormality, and the wind of the wind gently buckled the window.
“Qi, your heart is hurting?”