A small detail

Every day is a repetitive life, like folding countless interlaced copies of paper together, engraving those same models to fill our youth, but there are always some details embellishing such a life, have heard such words, the world is not without beauty, but without the eyes of beauty. But we are on the way in a hurry, always forgetting and paying attention to these details.
Night is the source of inspiration for writers, but also their persistent aspiration and even bigotry. Night is the symbol of evil. The blurred night is the umbrella of evil-minded people. The dim light always reflects their eyes. In such a dark night, if there is no light, a person feels more lonely and careless. 。 Since my third year in junior high school, I have been going home with the dim street lights everyday. The tall street lights on both sides lay yellow light and cast no shadow of the moon. I often look at such a scene on my way home, as if I were alone riding on a long road, the quiet night was sinking in. On the side of the city’s tallest building, the scattered grid lights seem very small. Because my home is a long distance from the school, when I come to the river in the center of the city, there are no students coming home in school uniforms and against the wind like me. So I am alone, the scattered lights. In the end, the point is in the city, separated by distance.
I remember one night when I was riding home, rubbing my sleeping eyes and starting to see this totally different city, with fewer figures, the fast-living city was slightly fatigued, everything was so lazy, everything was lonely, a gust of frustrated wind blew over, and I felt some inexplicability. The sense of coolness, both physically and psychologically, is that the social and human feelings of acceleration are getting colder and colder. I recall the news often broadcast on TV that moonless night is when criminals stretch out their evil hands. Most of the fear comes from the perplexity of night. I look around again. Looking at the scattered people slowly passing by the street, there was a little fear in their hearts, which came from the horrible faces of the criminals who were accustomed to watching TV.
It took me a long time to come to the door of my apartment building. I thought there should be neighborhood lights to disperse the darkness. I didn’t even notice before the black lights went blind. After a long time, my eyes adapted to the darkness, but I found it was too late to find the garage door. This shows how helpless the moonless light was that night. But I vaguely saw a ray of light at the end of the community. The end of the light was pointing at me. I could not help but associate it with the usual means of criminals. The light was shining on my face, and I subconsciously shielded the piercing light with my hands. The figure approached, and my eyes were wide open. There was a slight fear, I thought, I would run if it was too big. When the man approached, I found out that it was our guard. He handed me the flashlight and said that there was a power failure in the area tonight. I knew that your middle school students were going to study by themselves in the evening, so I came here to send you light. I am stunned, the guard uncle actually pays attention to our middle school students, my heart can not help but see the light, the original city of human relations still exist, with mutual help, but also fear what the dark night?
I still remember the details. When I finished my bicycle, he pointed his torch in my direction until I got home safely. Then he walked to his little doormat with a beam of light in the dark.
A beam of light illuminates a small detail that illuminates the sky of today’s city.