People and things that touch the soul

But as we grow older, we begin to believe that the greatest wealth in our life is love.
Happiness is a beautiful person walking in the darkness, who lives endlessly and is hard to touch at the same time. The feeling of loneliness. Even in deep love, we are lonely. Flourishing, such as a dream without trace, but that touched the heart of the people and things are forever engraved in my heart, let me always remember!
I remember that it was the second day of junior high school. When I was on duty that morning, when I moved the table, I accidentally plunged into a thorn in my hand. Because of the deep position, my hands became red and swollen after one lesson. The second lesson was your Chinese class. I kept fiddling with my hands during the lesson. I wanted the thorn who tormented me to come out, but the thorn became more and more sinking. Deep, when others recite the text, you come to me, but when I found out that you had stood beside me for a long time, I opened the book in a panic and looked at you. I saw you signal the whole class to stop. I thought a storm was coming. I looked down and thought about how to deal with it, but you did something unexpected to me. Classmates borrowed needles, but only borrowed a paper clip. You took my hand with your gentle, slender hand and began to pick prickles for me. But you were afraid that the needle tip was too stunning to hurt me. So you first scratched on your hand. I looked at the scratches left on your tender hand, and my heart was deeply touched, besides my mother. No one is as careful as you. I haven’t listened to your lessons carefully. The Chinese scores are even worse. But your practice makes my neglected child feel warm and decide to study hard.
In a twinkling of an eye, entered the third grade of junior high school, several classes of Chinese scores are second, how can you be satisfied with the performance that you refuse to lose? You don’t care about your health. Although you have to sit in class until 10:30 every day, although there are more than 100 corrective tasks every day, you still help the composition of the same unqualified again and again. Learn to revise composition, but in exchange for endless complaints from the students, we walked home that day, and again heard the complaints of several students, I was just going to go forward and theorize with them, but you pulled me, you told me: “The prime minister can prop up a boat in his belly, all for their good, they will understand in the future.” At that time, you have become my fucking mother. I was not only moved by your sense of responsibility, but also by your tolerance and the way of educating children. That little thing has been affecting me. Whenever I get into trouble with my classmates, I always think of that phrase, which makes me calm, teaches me how to deal with things, be a person, and touches my heart. That is You are the most meaningful lesson for me, let me always remember, let me benefit for life!
Time flies, I became a high school student, left you, came to Changchun, I endured loneliness, walked home without anybody to accompany me, no one to buy meals for me, no one to watch me study during the holidays, but you still miss me 300 kilometers away, no matter how busy you are, you will send me short every day. Letters ask for information and tell me to study hard every day. What touches me most is that you know that I don’t like to get up in the morning. You call me at 5:30 every morning to urge me to get up. Not a day is too late, even for a minute. Even when you are resting, I always tell myself when I see the caller’s indication of your calling. Mother has paid so much for me, I must study hard, really become mother’s pride! Your love touches my heart, let me no longer lonely!
Everything that has passed is inevitably sealed, and in the background, it goes dark. There is always something approaching in life that cannot be crossed. But as we grow older, we begin to believe that the greatest wealth in our life is love. Mom, I want you to plant seeds of hope with me next spring, watch him grow in summer, harvest fruits with me in autumn, stay with me forever, touch me forever!