One yuan for a resume

Who is selling online job seekers’resumes? All-in-one resumes, software acquisition and enterprise certification services are available in the black market industry.
Guo Yu, who had just graduated from university, was eager to find a job. He sent resumes to several companies on the Internet. His intention was “art guidance, advertising design”. After that, he received frequent calls and short messages from strangers, offering some unexplained positions.
In reality, many young job seekers have fallen into the “trap” of information disclosure just like Guo Yu.
China Youth Daily and China Youth Network reporters found that the online resume sales market is very active, and has formed a “one-stop” industry. Illegal elements get resumes of job seekers through various forms of formal corporate identity in the online job-hunting platform. The products sold by sellers are complete with software and account numbers obtained from resumes, and resumes.
The inability to defend rights behind the leak of resumes
Guo Yu was waiting for the invitation of the enterprise with full expectation, but he did not expect to receive harassment calls. “Basically, there are three or four in a day. They asked me if I wanted to go to sales, and they didn’t tell me anything about it. Others asked me if I wanted to do the task, 30 to 80 yuan, a single sum, no content, just let me add QQ, and asked me if I wanted to be a fitness coach.
Guo Yu suspected that his resume had been leaked, but in order not to miss his favorite company, he could only continue to endure the harassment, “which has seriously affected my job-hunting mood.”
When it comes to safeguarding human rights, she hesitates: “It’s very difficult and troublesome for individuals to safeguard human rights. Safeguarding rights is a long process, which will delay my job search. “
Guo Yu’s experience is not a case in point. Not long ago, the reporter purchased 100 resumes from a well-known job-hunting website among Internet vendors. The job-hunting intention covers many industries, such as art guidance, lawyers, translation, sewing, Taobao customer service and so on.
Reporters randomly selected 10 resumes to verify the information. At least three job seekers have been subjected to varying degrees of information harassment. In addition, only two people have submitted resumes on the above websites, while others have submitted resumes on different job search websites.
Zhang Qiang, a job seeker from Guangzhou, confirmed the accuracy of the resume information to reporters.
In the past month or so, Zhang Qiang received almost one or two phone calls every day, trying to introduce him to Sweden, Australia and other countries to do packaging, handling and other work. “Now I answer the phone and tell them I’m not looking for a job.” Nevertheless, he had no intention of defending his rights and “could not control them”.
Wang Hao, a 31-year-old job seeker from Nanjing, is a lawyer who is preparing to change his job. Although no harassment calls were received, the sale of resumes caused his concern: “This matter (information disclosure) is widespread, as an individual it is difficult to pursue the responsibility of the platform.” He doesn’t want his current employer to know that he’s ready to change jobs. Resume leaks can cause him trouble at any time.
Complete “Resume Collection” Industry Chain
Reporter survey found that there is a difference between first-hand and second-hand resumes. First-hand resumes have never been sold, and second-hand resumes have been sold more than once. One seller, Zhang Lei (a pseudonym), said that resumes usually have a higher “conversion rate”, job seekers are more likely to make phone calls, and QQ or Wechat friends are more likely to apply.
According to a reporter’s survey, the price of a first-hand resume on a well-known job-hunting website ranges from 1.8 to 2.5 yuan, and that of a second-hand resume ranges from 0.8 to 1.5 yuan. Other job-hunting websites cost 0.6-1 yuan each.
Zhang Lei introduced that the data provided job seekers’names, mobile phone numbers, age and gender information, which was sent directly to the buyer’s mailbox. When asked whether the information can be updated in real time, Zhang Lei repeatedly promised that “the resume will be updated steadily at 5000 +, with high quality every day”.
Another online seller, Chen Hong (not her real name), gave reporters a trial account for a job-hunting website. Reporter login found that this is the sub-account of an enterprise VIP account of the job site, and its parent account certification shows that it is a Dalian life insurance company.
The parent account can assign “resume download point” to the sub-account. According to the agreement, Chen Hong has filled 700 points into her sub-account, and can download all resumes at will in the “resume library”. On this account, download a resume. Shanghai needs 8 points, 7 points for first-tier cities, 6 points for second-tier cities and 5 points for third-tier cities.
In addition to resume sales, sub-accounts and auxiliary software of VIP account are sold on the Internet. At present, the most important way to obtain resumes is to publish recruitment information through enterprise accounts, wait for job seekers to submit resumes, and then extract resumes for sale or direct use.
Zhao Feng, a person familiar with the matter, revealed that on some well-known job-hunting websites, only certified corporate accounts have the right to download resumes. Certification companies need to prepare business licenses and accounts that have not been certified by the website. The jargon is called “white number”. Generally speaking, a business license can be certified with 3 to 5 white numbers.
Reporter survey found that there are special software for the registration of white numbers on the Internet, which can help buyers to register white numbers in batches at a price of more than 100 yuan per month. In addition, business licenses can also be purchased in batches.
“I take it in batches from friends who are registered for business and industry. Now I can’t buy a first-hand license, and a second-hand license can also be used, but it needs technology.” Zhao Feng said that after having a business license and a white number, the batch certification of enterprise VIP can be realized by using group certification software. After the enterprise certification is successful, it can attract job seekers to submit resumes by posting. The content of the posts is acceptable.