The world’s largest tree house is burned


According to the US “World News” report, Harold Burgess, the world’s largest tree house builder, has been receiving “mourning” calls these days. Because he spent 12 years, a 97-foot (30-meter) tree house built in Crossville, Tennessee, burned a pile of ashes in about 15 minutes.

According to reports, Cumberland County fire brigade leader Trevor Kerley said that when the fire brigade arrived at the scene on the morning of the 22nd, it was too late. The cause of the fire is not known at the moment. There was no storm on the day, and the tree house did not need electricity. Corey said, “Everyone loves it, but it is a fire hazard.”

In 2012, the tree house was temporarily closed to the public and later sold to others by Bergs. It has always been called “the tree house of the wedding priest” by tourists, and the wife of Bergs thinks that the tree house is her husband’s “mistress.” For Bergs, a wedding priest and landscape designer, the tree house has influenced his life for decades. “In a sense, its destruction is a relief.”

According to reports, Bergs spent 12 years building a tree house, nailing more than 250,000 nails with a nail gun, and pressing about 500 pounds of nails into the structural planks. The bottom of the tree house structure is narrow and fixed on a huge white oak tree and smashed into 15 nearby trees. There is also a bell tower on the spire of the tree house.

Bergs hosted 23 weddings in the tree house, but only a few couples are still together. In this regard, he joked: “I am playing for them, maybe not tight enough.”

Bergs said that the idea of ​​building a tree house came out one morning in 1993; when he was lying on the bed, God showed him the inside and outside floor plan of the tree house. “There is art on the wall, and there is an elevator. There is a voice telling me, If you make a priest’s house, there is no shortage of materials.”

Animal Planet’s “Tree House Master” host Pete Nelson wrote six books about tree houses. He said that Bergs’ tree house structure is by far the largest in the world. It is handmade, has the essence of a real tree house, and everything is recycled and reused. It’s amazing.”

In 2012, the state fire department closed the tree house on the grounds that the tree house exceeded the height limit, there was no fire alarm or sprinkler system, and non-registered professionals were built.