Monitor head ring response query


The monitoring head ring responded to the query that the local government had ordered the school to stop using
Beijing News (reporter Dai Xuan) recently, it was reported that Xiaoshun Town Central Primary School in Jindong District, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province introduced a device called “Fu Si tou Huan”, which was worn by students in class to monitor their children’s attention and send relevant data to their parents, causing controversy for a while.
Today (October 31), the Education Bureau of Jindong District told the Beijing news that it had been informed and involved in this matter, ordered the school to suspend its use and let the school in the whole district carry out self-examination. The data collected by the “monitoring head ring” will not flow out and will not disclose the children’s personal privacy.
Looking up the official website of Xiaoshun Town Central Primary School, the reporter found that there was an article about how Touhuan can improve the control of the teacher over the classroom, understand the students’ class dynamics in real time, and carry out more targeted teaching design by analyzing the class report.
Some netizens worry that the “monitoring head ring” can monitor children’s attention, which is suspected of violating personal privacy and also brings psychological pressure to children.
The reporter contacted the Education Bureau of Jindong District of Jinhua City on this matter. A staff member informed the leader in charge of the situation and replied that the bureau had understood and intervened in the incident and investigated the school. According to him, in September 2018, an alumni of Xiaoshun Central Primary School presented the head ring to the school, which belongs to “giving back to the alma mater without any charging behavior”. The data collected by Touhuan is only used inside the school, without privacy leakage and will not be provided to parents. After the incident, the Education Bureau has ordered the school to suspend use and all schools in the district to conduct self-examination.
The product is not a monitoring tool, but to help students train and improve their concentration, “whether students are focused or not, and no one is needed to monitor it,” the head of Zhejiang Qiangbao Technology Co., Ltd., the head ring production company, told reporters According to the person in charge, the product was donated by a director of the company to Xiaoshun Town Central Primary School, totaling 50 sets. “Instead of wearing them every day, students train once or twice a week for up to half an hour at a time. Before using the head ring, students should take special training courses, such as neural feedback training, and watch the speeding vehicle to improve their concentration. After entering the classroom, the teacher can not see the data of individual students, but can only see the average attention, as the feedback of the acceptance of the teaching content. “
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