Childhood scars

In my childhood, there was a scar that would never heal. Every time I recalled it, it was like uncovering the scar, which made my heart ache.
In the summer of childhood, it was surprisingly hot. The burning sun baked the whole village to death, and everything was immersed in a quiet atmosphere. Adults lay in bed one by one, with cattail fans in their hands to drive out the summer heat wave. Only our children are not afraid of the “fireball” in the sky, with their fox friends and dog friends, running around in the scorching sun, chasing and fighting.
I remember one day, as usual, when adults were snoring, I slipped out quietly and gathered with my little friends to have fun. The tree found that the river fishing shrimp has become our summer entertainment, we use this way to avoid the summer, summer sun in the four seasons.
After a mad morning, we felt dry, but nobody wanted to go home and drink water. Because drinking water at home is tantamount to throwing oneself into a trap and being caught and brought to justice by adults. We would rather die of thirst than be imprisoned. Gradually, we were so thirsty that we had no saliva in our mouth. What should we do? Want plum to quench thirst, but hope plum, but there is no plum hope. Finally, as the Secretary-General of the United Nations, I made a helpless choice and issued an urgent notice: piracy at home.
Everyone was disappointed to walk home. Suddenly, I found a branch full of oranges poking out of a family’s courtyard wall. Although it’s a pimple, it’s also possible to quench thirst, perhaps a little more refreshing than drinking water. So I excitedly told the news to my partners, all of them focused their eyes on the branch, but they all looked back with disappointment. Because that branch is at least three meters above the ground, even if Yao Ming is invited, it can’t reach it. Besides, whose home is it? It’s the home of Wang Tufu! He has a high reputation in our village. Nobody in the village saw the thrilling scene when he killed pigs. See tight grip sharp edge, hand up knife fall, instant time, blood splash, blood into a river. The pig died before it had time to hum, and Wang Tufu was tall, and every day he had a dark, vicious face, which made people look terrible. For our children, he is “Lord Yan”, and we dare not even look at him for a moment. Today, I want to steal his oranges, just like eating bear heart leopard gall. In case he knows, the end must be worse than the pig, I dare not think about it. But now everyone is very thirsty, go home to drink water may not return, maybe also suffer a meal of flesh and skin. Now picking oranges to eat, not only can enjoy the afternoon, but also taste the delicacy of oranges, although risky, it is worth trying ah! Thought of here, I made a decision.
After careful consideration and careful arrangement, we began to act. Everyone rushed in and climbed over the wall. As we were climbing into the wall, we saw a dog keeping house. My eyes were sick and my hands were quick. I took a stone and threw it at the dog. My friends immediately picked up the stone and threw it at the dog. Under my command, our soldiers were divided into two routes, picking oranges from trees and smashing dogs with stones along the way. Although the dog was in the midst of a “gunfire”, he tried to howl at his buddies in the trees, hoping they would stop picking them. But how can I understand the dog’s anxious and sad mood, and said to his friends on the tree: “Quickly pick, how much can be picked, it’s better to let the tree’play bachelor’!” Suddenly, a gravel crossed an arc in the sky, just hit the dog’s stomach, blood trickled down, but it was still howling. I felt that the dog was very strong and loyal. I could not help softening his heart. He immediately prevented his companions from throwing stones and told his companions in the tree to come down quickly. After everyone came down, they jumped out of the wall one by one. We lifted the orange under the shade of the tree and ate an orange with trepidation, but could not eat the second one any more.
In the evening, I lay in bed, feeling like fifteen buckets of water – seven ups and eight downs. Suddenly, the peace of the village was broken by a dog barking. What I feared eventually happened. Then, there’s the second, the third… Sounds are tragic and far-reaching. These screams, like sharp swords, passed through my chest. I wish I could bear the pain for the dog, if possible. Suddenly, a terribly loud dog bark echoed in the sky, and the gentle summer wind blew it into everyone’s heart. Then the village restored its tranquility. It must have been the vicious butcher Wang who ended the dog’s life. I slept in bed, but like sleeping on a fire, how can not sleep, I tossed and turned, sleepless all night.
The next day, with a heavy step, I came to the door of Wang Tufu’s house. The dog’s limbs were stretched out straight, his head had been beaten out of shape, and there were countless scars left on his body, beside which there were blood stains left last night. I dared not look any longer and turned to go home.
Today, with deep apology, I want to say to this strong and loyal dog in my heart, “I’m sorry, please forgive me!”