The Story of Little Peach Tree

Once upon a time, there was a peach tree like this. Because of the poor conditions of innate growth and nutrient absorption, the growth rate of this peach tree was somewhat slow. When all the peach trees around it had grown into tall, tall and fruitful trees, the peach tree was still very thin, giving the impression that at a glance, it was still a little far away from the days of flowering and fruiting. 。
In this way, this small and insignificant peach tree is often laughed at by the neighbors around, saying that it is a very trivial guy in any way. He is a child who will never grow up.
When the little peach tree listened, it had a strong sense of self-esteem and did not know how many times it cried in secret. However, despite this, the small peach tree still quietly withstands the pressure from all aspects and strives to grow.
Whether it’s a storm or a torrential rain, the peach trees are growing indefatigably, never giving up, never giving up. The wind blew its head askew, and the thick rain whipped its whole body like a whip, but every time it could bite its teeth and survive a wave after wave of disaster until the rain cleared.
In autumn, it is a harvest season. After blooming, the neighbors around the small peach tree, that is, those normally growing peach trees, are full of peaches on their branches. People scramble for them and go to the tree to pick fruit with joy. In the process, some people abandon the small peach tree which is not obvious, and some use their big feet casually. In this way, people praised those happy peaches. Nobody put the little peach tree in their eyes. There was only laughter in the ears of the little peach tree and people trampled on it.
In this way, the next day, the crooked peach tree, which was tortured by people, finally fell ill. It emitted painful moans one after another. The crooked appearance of the disease was very painful.
However, in the cruel reality, no one takes it for granted. Its neighbors say that it is not only long and trivial, but also so affectionate, and when can it blossom and bear fruit in the long run.
Just when the little peach tree was in despair, suddenly, a broken-winged bird came flying. The bird first fell softly on a strong peach tree beside the little peach tree. However, because the peach tree hated the bloodstain on the little bird which dirty its branches, it roughly coaxed the injured bird and let it roll away quickly.
The other peach trees are also an attitude, the injured bird is helpless, just about to clench its teeth and limp away with the wound. Suddenly, the sick peach tree calls the bird, and the little peach tree says, “Sister Bird, don’t go, come to me soon.”
The bird followed the sound and found out the existence of the small peach tree, which was not very conspicuous, and then responded, “Sister Peach Tree, you don’t look very well either. If I come to rest with you, can you bear it?” Sister Peach Tree, I’ll leave you alone. I’m gone.
After that, the bird will go away. But the little peach tree firmly prevented the bird from saying, “Don’t go, sister bird, where are you injured? Come on, although I look weak, I have a strong heart. I can absolutely bear your weight. Don’t worry, feel at ease to heal on me. When are you wounded, can you move, can take off, you go again, OK, sister bird?”
When the bird heard this, it was moved to cry. It limped to the branch of the small peach tree and said, “Thank you, thank you, sister of the peach tree.”
Xiaotaoshu laughed because he felt that he had worked hard all the way, and finally the hero had a place to use. It had a role, helped others and reflected his own value. His heart was very happy. He talked with Sister Bird and laughed. Two lonely hearts touched together, bursting out strong sparks. They chatted and chatted with each other for a long time before they would fall asleep. 。
The next day, the little peach tree wakes up from sleep and just wants to say hello to the little bird sister, but it is surprised to find that the little bird sister has disappeared. The little peach tree is anxious. Just trying to look around for the little bird sister, it hears a particularly noisy voice. Originally, a group of woodcutters came to cut wood.
Seeing this situation, Xiao Taoshu felt awe-inspired. His neighbors around him were all in a panic. Some said, “Why do we cut down peaches every year?”
But despite their fears and confusion, the woodcutters cut down the trees, including the peach trees. In a twinkling of an eye, it was barren, leaving only bare roots.
Peach roots were crying, just when everyone was crying, suddenly, a crisp bird song came, ah, sister bird, little peach roots looked at the bird, see that the bird has miraculously recovered health….
The bird landed on the roots of the peach tree and comforted it. “Sister Peach Tree, don’t wonder, because I am a divine bird. Yesterday I was appointed by God. I came here to verify which peach tree has a good heart. If it is kind, it will be assigned to the God to take refuge of the god. That is to say, it will grow forever in fairyland and not only can blossom from now on.” As a result, they can also be sheltered by the gods at the same time, until they are forever! __
When the little peach tree listened, it could not help but say, “But Sister Bird, I only have the roots now. How can I take shelter from the gods?”
“What’s that?” The bird smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter if your body falls down. As long as you have a good heart, an everlasting belief in growth, a belief in yourself and perseverance, you will have your own life forever, and you will be young and happy forever!”
After that, the bird looked around at the bare roots that were stuck there and said ironically, “That’s the truth. In the past, you stood high and despised my peach sister, but now, it makes you unable to climb high. Goodbye, you’re all right. You left the roots. Since then, slowly rebuild and start again!”
After saying these meaningful words, the bird suddenly flew into the sky with its shining peach roots, and they flew to the gods.
The roots of the trees on the ground seemed to have a slight insight, and they all stopped crying. They looked at each other quietly and looked forward to a new beginning.