The ambassador’s wife was killed in the explosion

The wife of the Dutch ambassador to Lebanon was seriously injured in the explosion at Beirut port on August 4 and died on August 8.
Hedwig waltmans molier, 55, was injured in the explosion, standing next to her husband, Ambassador Jane Waltman, at her home in Beirut at the time of the incident, the Dutch foreign ministry said. The Dutch foreign ministry said that “her death is a loss to the Ministry and the country” and expressed its mourning to the family members for the heavy loss. (Wu Qian)
The Chinese Embassy in Lebanon issued an important notice on the evening of August 8 that Beirut and its surrounding hospitals were unable to carry out nucleic acid testing of new coronavirus due to the major explosion in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. The embassy updated the list of designated testing institutions.
The full text of the notice is as follows:
On August 4, a major explosion occurred in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, causing a large number of casualties. Beirut and its surrounding hospitals are busy with the treatment of the wounded, so they are unable to test the nucleic acid of new coronavirus. In order to facilitate the nucleic acid detection of overseas Chinese in Lebanon in time and avoid affecting boarding, the embassy is updating the list of designated testing institutions according to the list published by the Ministry of health of Lebanon. The latest list is as follows:
At present, the reporting time of the above testing institutions is generally 24-48 hours, and some institutions can provide urgent service. Please do a good job of personal protection when you go to the test to avoid cross infection.