A 23-year-old female policeman died

According to the official micro blog of Chongqing Railway Public Security Department on August 10, 2020, at 18:34 on August 9, 2020, Comrade Tang Lili, a police officer of Chongqing Wulong station police station, broke out with cardiogenic disease while on duty in the duty room. After ineffective rescue, he died unfortunately and his age was set at 23.
Tang Lili, female, Han nationality, from Yongchuan District, Chongqing, is a member of the Communist Youth League. She was born on November 24, 1996. She graduated from Yitong College of Chongqing University of Posts and telecommunications in July 2019. She was admitted to Chongqing Public Security Office of Chengdu Railway Public Security Bureau through civil service examination in 2019. Before her death, she was a police officer of Wulong station police station.
Comrade Tang Lili remembered the oath of joining the police and engraved his original heart on the road from the police. In the internal service post, she studied modestly, made positive progress, and did a good job in duty room duty, receiving and handling police, information reporting and other work. During the period of Xinguan epidemic prevention and control, Tang Lili took the initiative to measure the temperature of the police in the station every day, insisted on disinfection of office areas, canteens and dormitories, and embodied his concern for comrades in arms in every detail. Her serious and responsible, meticulous and patient work attitude, helpful, warm and friendly work style, by the colleagues around, station staff and passengers alike.
With 23 years of life and 374 days of working experience, she vividly interprets the responsibilities and missions of the people’s police with her youth and blood.