AIDS cures cancer recurrence

However, brown brown, who was once a successful patient in the United States, is now called the world’s first patient to die of HIV.
Timothy Ray Brown
Tim hoeffgen, Brown’s partner, said in an interview recently that he did not have AIDS again. “Since he recovered, there has been no HIV found in his blood. HIV has disappeared completely. Leukemia is back. God, I hate cancer. “
Brown, 54, is receiving hospice care at his home in Palm Springs, California. “I will continue to fight until I can no longer fight,” Brown said
Brown received hospice care at home
AIDS is one of the most difficult problems in the world. Brown created a miracle in medical history. When he was cured more than a decade ago, he became the embodiment of hope for tens of millions of people living with HIV.
In 1995, brown studied in the German capital Berlin and learned that he was infected with HIV. In 2006, he was diagnosed with leukemia, a cancer that affects blood and bone marrow.
To treat his leukemia, Berlin doctors used stem cell transplants from a donor whose bone marrow contained a mutated gene that naturally resists HIV, which is rare in a small number of Nordic people.
In 2007, brown received radiation therapy and stem cell transplantation in Berlin, and then both AIDS and leukemia he suffered from disappeared.
In 2008, Brown was recognized by the academic community as the first “cure” of AIDS patients. Initially, he was called a “Berlin patient” at a medical conference to remain anonymous.
Brown created a miracle in medical history
Two years later, he decided to break the silence and become a public figure, giving speeches and interviews. He always insisted on assisting scientists to do research on AIDS treatment. He also established the Timothy Ray Brown Foundation and established the World AIDS Research Institute.
“I am living proof of the cure for AIDS,” he said in an interview in 2012. It’s great to be able to cure AIDS. “
Since then, many researchers have tried to replicate the successful case of “Berlin patient”, but none of them succeeded.
In 2019, a second person was announced to cure AIDS in the same way. He was initially known as the “London patient” and later publicly identified as Adam castillejo.