Tiktok banned in Pakistan

Pakistan’s Telecommunications Authority (PTA) announced on October 9 that Pakistan would ban tiktok applications because it had received “a large number of complaints about the immoral and indecent content of tiktok” from all walks of life.
The announcement said that the Pakistan Telecom authority had “repeatedly asked” tiktok to establish an effective mechanism to control illegal “immoral content” and comply with the instructions of the Pakistani authorities, but the requirement “was not fully complied with”. The Pakistani authorities therefore decided to ban tiktok at home.
The Ministry said it told tiktok that Pakistani regulators were willing to cooperate. If tiktok can establish a management mechanism satisfactory to the authorities, they will review the decision.
However, it is worth noting that according to the news announcement of the economic and Commercial Department of the Chinese Consulate General in Karachi on July 23, Pakistan issued a rectification order to tiktok on “immoral and indecent contents” in July, and tiktok responded positively only one day later.
At that time, tiktok spokesman made it clear that more than 3.7 million suspected illegal contents had been deleted in accordance with Pakistan’s requirements, and stressed that it would protect users from the infringement of bad content, and strengthen communication with Pakistan’s regulatory authorities.
The spokesman also stressed that maintaining a safe and positive network environment is the primary task of the platform. The platform will adopt a variety of technical means to strictly control the content according to laws and community rules, and take measures such as deleting bad videos and closing accounts to punish violations. At the same time, the platform has also established a one button reporting mechanism, allowing users and regulators to report suspected violations.
Pakistan is a more traditional Muslim country. Due to the influence of religion, it has limited acceptance of women’s body display clothing. Not only tiktok, Pakistan has recently banned several international social networking applications, including tinder and sayhi, on the grounds of “large-scale” or “immoral” illegal content. A spokesman for the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority said the move was intended to bring the management of these applications into “ethical and legal areas.”.
Tiktok has not yet responded to Pakistan’s announcement, Reuters said.