Clinical trials of 10 vaccines

On October 12th, the novel coronavirus pneumonia conference was held by who. Chief scientist, “the new vaccine of the crown vaccine” is encouraging in the world. Currently, about 40 vaccines have been in clinical trials, 10 of which have entered the three phase clinical trials. The vaccine is expected to be released as early as December this year. It is expected that there will be multiple vaccine clinical trials in the next 6 to 12 months.
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Many people are looking forward to when the new crown vaccine can be started. It has been reported that mass vaccination of the new crown vaccine will not be available until 2021. However, at present, Beijing and Wuhan can make an appointment for the new coronal vaccine. It is understood that more than 70000 people have signed up for vaccination. In this regard, netizens have said that it is great, our country is too strong.
The new crown vaccine has entered clinical trials – how much do you know about the new crown vaccine?
We all know that novel coronavirus pneumonia is the most economical and effective way to prevent the spread of viral infections, especially for the current treatment of new crown pneumonia. The good news is that, recently, the progress of new crown vaccine research and development has been reported frequently