Employees were bitten to death by bears

On October 18, netizens disclosed that a keeper of Shanghai Wildlife Park was torn by a group of bears and was suspected to have died. On the afternoon of October 18, the Shanghai Wildlife Park issued a notice saying that a bear attack had indeed happened to the keeper and the keeper had died. At present, the zoo is actively cooperating with the relevant departments to investigate the incident.
The netizen said that he recently went to the wild animal area of Shanghai Wildlife Park and saw a keeper torn by bears. Although someone stopped him, the keeper was still dragged away by the bears and was suspected to be dead. According to a document released by Shanghai Wildlife Park, the park has been temporarily closed due to safety problems in the park’s animal area, which need to be handled and maintained in a timely manner.
On October 18, the Shanghai Wildlife Park reported that an animal accident occurred in the Shanghai wildlife park on the afternoon of October 17. The park staff were attacked by bears while carrying out operations in the wild animal area (vehicle entry area), resulting in the death of one staff member. After the incident, the park immediately started the emergency plan, set up a special working group, started the emergency measures for temporary closure of the beast area (car entry area), issued tourist announcements, properly dealt with tourist refund and other related matters, and effectively strengthened the safety operation management of the park. When such a tragedy happens, the park is extremely distressed. It expresses deep sorrow to the deceased, expresses deep sympathy to the families of the deceased and apologizes for the inconvenience caused to tourists. At present, the park is actively cooperating with relevant departments to investigate the incident. The park will earnestly fulfill the main responsibility of enterprise safety production, fully learn from the lessons, draw inferences from one instance, further strengthen the safety management in all aspects, and do a good job in handling the incident and all kinds of follow-up work.