Yu Chengdong alludes to Apple

Speaking of domestic mobile phones in recent years, Huawei mobile phones can definitely be said to be the representative of domestic mobile phone brands. At the same time, it is undeniable that Huawei mobile phone has made a series of achievements under the leadership of Yu Chengdong in recent years.
In the first quarter of 2018, Huawei’s sales of smartphones in the European market increased by 38.6% year-on-year to 7.4 million units.
This is indeed a remarkable achievement, as sales in the entire European smartphone market fell by 6.3% in the first quarter. What’s more, Huawei’s sales figures don’t include the new P20 and P20 Pro phones that Huawei launched in Paris at the end of March.
Today, our focus is not on how well Huawei’s mobile phone sales are. It focuses on Huawei’s achievements in product innovation. You must remember that Yu Chengdong said: in the future, there will be only two mobile phone manufacturers left, namely Huawei mobile phone and iPhone mobile phone. As soon as Yu Chengdong said this, he didn’t know how many friends and businessmen he had offended. Yu Chengdong also got the reputation of Yu Dazui!
Today, Yu Chengdong is once again blowing his Huawei mobile phone to the sky. Yu said Huawei had another new technology. It is a major breakthrough in Huawei’s technology: greatly improve the performance experience of products through the underlying technology. And Yu said that if the technology is used, other mobile phone speed will not be able to compete without, and likened it to a “flying in the sky” and a “running on the ground”!
Yu Chengdong didn’t disclose what kind of technology it was, but I believe that if Huawei really had this technology with a commercial value of 10 billion US dollars. It is likely to be used in the next generation of Huawei mobile phones.