SPA Experience of Great Wall of Guangzhou Monastery Youxin Road Simple BT on FJ

I have always wanted to go to the Great Wall Hotel Experience Gallery SPA on the new road to the right of the temple. Before I found a way for ministers to contact me in other forums, the minister’s circle of friends had several photos of JS. I thought it was OK to leave one of them and kill him directly after work.
To the door K., enter your mobile phone mantissa directly into the XZ. place is relatively small, shampoo SHUI, shower gel are brand goods, to Tucao is shower bath too fragrant, home is easier for the wife to smell.
I went into the lounge to find Minister Lin Lin, who had been contacted before, and said that JS had been set aside for an hour. I said to arrange other JS for me. I said to see how JS was arranged. If not, I would retire and go back. The minister said yes. After entering F.I saw JS., which was not my favorite type, but was not my favorite type. I retired and said that the minister’s attitude was very good and that was OK.
Because I came directly from work and didn’t have dinner, I tried the food here. I had a beef brisket noodles. It felt good. Looking at other LY food, it was also good. I had a foot wash basin, that is, Z. It took a long time for people to wait. Because it was a weekend, I waited for almost 20 minutes for noodles.
In the lounge and other JS clocks, the lounge is very small, found here LY are relatively young, and basically a few together, with the ministers here are very familiar with, hilarious, in other arenas have not seen such a scene, rest place can also see the clock’s JS. past.
After waiting for an hour, I finally got to the clock. When I entered, my first impression of JS was general, and my body was normal. AM was serious, but not strong enough. FW had a simple pusher, and then released tadpoles directly. At the beginning, I felt that JS. wanted to release tadpoles quickly. I asked her to slow down and let me enjoy them slowly. JS. had a good attitude, right away. Accept the suggestion, slowly, the back is quite comfortable. In the process of releasing tadpoles, I let JS. close a little, carefully look at the appearance, only to find that she is actually a beautiful woman. Later in the process of chatting, I learned that she is currently a minority, but the age of JS. is a bit too old, estimated to be about 25-26.
In the process of chatting with JS., I learned that there is only one kind of FW, and there are about 40 JS.
If you drive a car, you can get a parking ticket when you check out, free of charge for 4 hours.

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