Hundreds of villagers scrambled for peanuts

Recently, Mr. Yuan in Zhumadian, Henan Province, revealed that in late October, the peanuts contracted by him and his friends in daliwang village, chayashan Township, Suiping County, were robbed by villagers during harvest.
Mr. Yuan said that since 2017, they have contracted more than 1000 mu of land in the village to grow peanuts, corn and wheat, of which more than 500 mu of peanuts have been invested more than 3 million yuan. However, since the first year of harvest, villagers have been stealing and looting. This year’s old play is repeated, “hundreds of people have come, and it’s useless to call the police, or even steal them at night.”. Mr. Yuan said that they were willing to let villagers pick up the fallen peanuts after harvest, but the villagers came to pick them up before the harvest was over, and even took advantage of people’s inattention to steal at night, which damaged their rights and interests.
In this regard, a village cadre in daliwang village told the reporter that the villagers who came to rob peanuts were mainly from other villages. The village “knows about this matter, but there are too many people and can’t control it at all”. I hope the media report can appeal to the local government to pay attention to this matter and educate the villagers to realize that the theft is illegal.
On August 4, a truck was rear ended in Fu’an section of Dongtai City, Shenhai expressway. The frozen pork loaded on the truck was picked up by some villagers, which attracted public attention. Among them, the behavior of villagers Ding and Xu constitutes a bid to rob public and private property. The public security organs have imposed administrative detention on five people, including Ding and Xu.