100000 men photographed

Have female netizens invited naked video chat? More than 100000 men in China have been cheated!
A few days ago, Wenzhou Cangnan police cracked a case of extortion by naked chatting on the Internet.
Victims all over the country, many people’s relatives, friends and colleagues have received the privacy video of the parties, and some even chose to commit suicide under pressure!
At noon in April this year, Mr. Huang, a citizen of Cangnan, Zhejiang Province, received a friend’s message from a young woman nicknamed “Xiao Yun” on QQ. The bored Mr. Huang agreed without much thought.
What Mr. Huang didn’t expect was that “Xiaoyun” was not only good in image and temperament, but also “open-minded”. She constantly teases Mr. Huang with language, and proposes to play a stimulating game. “Xiaoyun” sends a live broadcast software, asking Mr. Huang to download the software and “chat naked” with each other.
After installing the video software, Mr. Huang saw a naked woman, so Xiaohuang quickly took off her pants and did some indescribable actions according to the requirements
When Xiaohuang is immersed in it, the other party suddenly changes his role in his voice and becomes a rough male voice. The other side also sent a video of Xiao Huang just in front of the camera.
“Do you want to deal with it?”
“How to deal with it?”
“Transfer 3000 yuan, we will delete your video.”
Blushing Xiao Huang immediately transferred money as required. I didn’t expect another sentence from the other party
“Should I delete my address book and SMS?”
It turns out that the software is actually a Trojan horse program, and the address book and information in Xiao Huang’s mobile phone have been intercepted.
The man continues to threaten Xiao Huang. If he doesn’t continue to remit money, he will send the video with explicit words to his relatives and friends
Seeing that she has fallen into a bottomless hole, Xiaohuang finally decides to report the case to Cangnan police. Cangnan Public Security Bureau immediately investigated the case.
According to police investigation, the gang is hiding in Shan state of Myanmar, headed by Li Mou and others of Yunnan Nationality. There are more than 30 backbone members of the gang, and hundreds of horsemen have been recruited in China and smuggled abroad to participate in criminal activities.
Each employee of the company has been trained to master a set of “professional terms”. The specific operation process is as follows:

  1. First buy QQ from China, transfer the purchased QQ to a special person to add friends in mass, and then send the QQ to all employees. The employees take the online naked chat as bait to obtain the victim’s address book and SMS information.
  2. After intercepting the naked video of the victim, the victim’s naked video will be sent to the victim’s family members and friends as a threat to blackmail the victim.
  3. The illegal proceeds of extortion are collected through the aggregate code provided by Liu and others. The stolen money received is finally replaced by cash in Myanmar’s local casinos and other places.
    After being cheated of all their savings, some victims are forced to transfer money to criminals by borrowing money through online lending platforms such as jiebei. Some minor victims even choose to commit suicide because of pressure.
    Through technical analysis, the police found that the cases and victims of the gang spread all over the country, with more than 100000 victims. At present, the amount of money involved in the case has reached tens of millions of yuan.
    Since April this year, the police have taken advantage of the opportunity for some gang members to return home to carry out arrest. Up to now, 136 suspects have been captured in the group, including 56 members of the group and 80 suspects holding cards. In order to completely destroy this evil interest chain, the police also launched a card breaking operation, which greatly curbed the rampant illegal and criminal activities abroad.
    Through the confessions of the arrested suspects, the organizational framework of the gang has gradually become clear. Police introduction:
    “It’s a company. In fact, the gang is more like a underworld organization. All members are militarized and have written rules and regulations, rewards and punishments.”
    “The gang pays more than 100000 yuan a month for protection, employs local veterans as security personnel, and carries guns, electric batons and handcuffs to supervise ordinary employees. Abusing, threatening, beating and illegally detaining the disobedient, violating and escaping employees. “
    The Fujian people who were captured by Cangnan County Public Security Bureau were ordinary employees of the company. According to his confession, he is both a suspect and a victim. Every day he is imprisoned in a courtyard like a fortress, and he will be beaten up if he does not follow. The boss often threatens to escape with his alive burying.
    In addition to extortion, the police found that the gang was also suspected of organizing others to steal across the national (border) border, infringing citizens’ personal information, helping information network criminal activities, concealing and concealing criminal proceeds, etc. the case is still under investigation.