Biden was cried by the anti epidemic nurse

Hu Shizhen, a reporter from the global network, held an online round table meeting with several front-line workers in the fight against the new epidemic on the 18th, local time. During the meeting, Biden wiped the corners of his eyes when he heard one of the nurses talking about his experience in ICU and difficulties in his work.
The nurse, Mary Turner, President of the Minnesota Nurses Association, spoke at a video conference about the severity of the epidemic. Mary said she “held the hands of critically ill patients and listened to them shouting about their invisible family members” and “nursed colleagues struggling to survive on the ventilator, knowing that they were ill because the hospital and the government failed to protect them”. Mary also said that medical resources are very tight, and her hospital N95 mask should be reused twice, and some hospitals even need to use it 8-10 times. “Do you know I haven’t been tested since I went to the front line in February,” she said
In the video, Biden can’t hide his emotion and wipe the corners of his eyes when he hears the nurse’s words. Biden said to the nurse, “it’s not enough just to praise you. We have to protect you. We have to give you money. You should have leaders who can hear you. “