Xiaomi responds to Wang Mei’s remarks

On the afternoon of November 25, Wang Mei, vice president of Qinghe University of Xiaomi group, said that Xiaomi believes that in the future, the losers will win the world, and the young people will win the world. She said that young people are the core consumer power, and we will make products that meet their consumption claims for these young people. Once the incident was exposed, the netizens make complaints about it. “Xiaomi is really floating”, “we use Xiaomi are all losers?” “Xiaomi successfully pulled himself back into the ranks of low-end machines.”
In this regard, Xiaomi group responded today, saying that Wang Mei felt deeply sorry for the harm caused to rice noodles and users by his careless wrong remarks, and voluntarily resigned and was responsible for this.
The following is the original text:
In view of Wang Mei’s personal wrong remarks recently, the statement is as follows:
This statement does not represent the company’s attitude at all, and has not been reviewed by the company. Wang Mei herself deeply regrets the harm that her careless wrong remarks have caused to rice noodles and users, so she voluntarily resigns and is responsible for this.
After investigating the incident, the company approved Wang Mei’s resignation.
We sincerely apologize for such an incident.
Rice noodles and users are Xiaomi’s most cherished friends. Xiaomi will continue to strengthen internal management and resolutely safeguard the interests of users and the company’s brand reputation. Thank you for your encouragement and help.
Xiaomi company November 25, 2020
The following is a letter of apology from Wang Mei:
Dear rice noodles and users
First of all, I sincerely apologize for the harm that my wrong words have brought to rice noodles and users!
The relevant remarks are just my personal mistakes in the closed door exchange activities of relevant industries, which do not represent the company’s views and positions. I hope you will not misunderstand Xiaomi.
After the incident, I had a profound reflection and felt deeply ashamed. I decided to take full responsibility for this and asked to leave the company. Thank you for your approval.
Once again, I sincerely apologize to the injured rice noodles, users, the company and all colleagues!