A fine for picking up a diamond ring and handing it in

Recently, Ms. Gan, a high-speed rail cleaner in Changsha, picked up a one carat diamond ring worth tens of thousands during a car cleaning work. Because I didn’t know the authenticity of the ring at that time, I didn’t hand in the ring at the first time, and was fined 500 yuan if the cleaning company didn’t pay it in time. Ms. Gan said the cleaning time was only 20 minutes. After finishing her work, she went to the toilet, and then received a call from the leader asking if she had found the ring. She immediately said that she had found it. And found the diamond ring to hand in only 16 minutes before and after, hand in also need a process, and even the police said it was honest, handed in timely!
Cleaning company but think that Ms. Gan did not hand in the first time, the leader asked to hand in. It is stipulated by the company that goods can not be taken out of the carriage. Ms. Kegan explained that the regulation was issued two days after her incident. The key is that even the police pleaded for Ms. Gan, and the company still had to punish her. In China, we can’t pick up all the money. Where can we argue?