The barber was insulted for asking for an invoice

On December 7, a man in Shanghai was abused by shop assistants for asking for an invoice after spending at a barber shop in Shanghai. The video footage of the incident showed that the staff members of the barber shop repeatedly insulted the consumers and even yelled at “don’t live if you can’t live”. One of the shop assistants also came forward to intimidate the consumer who asked for the invoice with a grandiose and tough tone. A female shop assistant took a mobile phone to shoot, while blocking the emotional colleague. The other shop assistants nearby did not come up to stop their colleagues, and still stood watching the excitement.
Finally, under the coordination of others, the barber shop assistant finally agreed to invoice the man, then put the matter down.
“Customer as God” is a well-known saying. For the service industry, it can be called the code of conduct. Because the service industry is not through the production of products to obtain benefits, but through high-quality services to obtain benefits. In other words, in the service industry, the purpose of consumer consumption is to enjoy high-quality services.
Hairdressing is also a kind of service industry, so the charge of barber shop also depends on the service level of the shop. Although the barber shop in Shanghai is beautifully decorated and the staff are well dressed, the service is chilling. No matter for what reason, as a service personnel should not abuse customers, not to mention that it is the legitimate right of consumers to ask for invoices from merchants.
So what’s the reason for this barber shop assistant’s resistance to the extremely normal thing of issuing an invoice? It seems that the consumer has done something immoral?
First of all, the invoice is an important evidence for consumers to protect their rights after consumption. As long as consumers hold the invoice of a store, they can prove that they have consumed in this store, and the store will bear the after-sales responsibility. Because the barber shop is selling services, not specific goods, so after-sales service has become cumbersome. In order to avoid responsibility, businesses do not want to invoice consumers.