Experience foot massage in Yicheng near Huangcun Metro Station (with leg push)

Yesterday, I got to know a Z. in Yicheng on the street. I talked to her once and then asked about the price.
She said that the price is 248-298, there are hand push and leg push, it can be imagined that hand push is to release tadpoles with hands. Well, leg push is to use legs.
If you don’t say anything, navigate directly to the past.
When I went to the second floor, the minister received me and asked if I knew JS. I called her number and said it would take me more than an hour to wait just after the clock struck.
I was angry, so I asked the minister to arrange a young X.
Once, JS. arrived, slightly fat, but within my acceptable range, that one-off KZ. came in, and then called me to XZ.
When XZ. came back, she said I couldn’t wipe the water and helped me wipe it again. Then she said, “Don’t grab me first. When you sleep, I grab you first.”
T. Next, back massage, this massage technique is still possible, and then BT., but separated by YF., refused to drag down, and soon I was impatient, to turn over.
Then turn it over, this time, Z.X., both hands, she was afraid that I would break her Q.son, she directly buckled the front J. Note that it is unfastened, not unfastened, but it is also very convenient to untie Z.X.
Then she fell asleep, JS. was very careful not to let me touch the road with my hands. She could only use her thighs to grind her down. Then I hand Z.N., lick NT. She may be a little overwhelmed, always say, I give you.
Put some oil on to set free tadpoles. Come on, I don’t like it. She said, “Then I’ll beat you with my legs.”
All right, all right. Then she oiled her thighs and XDD. And then T. down, told me to sleep on her and put it in the middle of her two thighs, just like ZA. Of course, this feeling is definitely not ZA. Shuang, hands Z. X., get off the road. Keep plugging in, more oil, it’s out, 298 is gone.
Then go to XZ., XZ. Come back, massage and walk to the clock.