Super epidemic spreading in Dalian

Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work was held today at the sixty-third press conference of the Dalian municipal government information office. Zhao Lian, deputy director of Dalian Municipal Health Committee, said that the epidemic situation in Dalian has appeared super spread. There is a case of Jin, in the absence of disease to participate in 11 family gatherings, resulting in late infection of the other 10 people. After epidemiological investigation, it was found that Mr. Jin was the owner of jinzuo commercial building, and the onset time was December 15. He was the earliest person in his family. Therefore, Mr. Jin was the source of infection for his family, and the source of infection was jinzuo commercial building. As of 24:00 on January 2, 2021, a total of 33 cases of related confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections have been reported, including 21 confirmed cases and 12 asymptomatic infections.
Zhao Lian said that it was preliminarily determined that the local epidemic in Dalian came from imported cold chain products contaminated with the new coronavirus. The Dalian case is highly homologous, which is a local aggregation epidemic caused by the first case. Through field epidemiological investigation and molecular epidemiological analysis, it was preliminarily determined that the source of infection was caused by 5 dock workers (cases 1-5). According to the preliminary analysis of the existing evidence, the vast majority of the cases were caused by Dalian port terminal workers carrying the bulk goods with positive coronavirus on the Russian cargo ship. Later, through the activity of case 5, the infection caused by merchants and customers in jinzuo commercial building, and through the infected merchants and customers, the infection caused family transmission. At present, 75 cases and infected persons have identified the source of infection, and the source of infection of 3 people in a new Shi family is being traced.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in Dalian at 24 hours in January 2, 2021. Among them, 48 cases were confirmed locally and 30 cases were asymptomatic. The infection rate was 78. There were 1 severe case, 45 common cases, 2 mild cases, 30 asymptomatic cases and no severe cases.