Weilai responds to massive chargebacks

January 3, it home news on January 1, Tesla announced that the domestic medium-sized SUV model y was officially launched, which is the first time that Tesla began to sell the full range of “sexy” products in China. Tesla Model y has two versions: performance high-performance version and dual motor all wheel drive version, with 339900 yuan for long-range version and 369900 yuan for high-performance version.
According to boss LianBo, on the day model y went on sale, it was revealed on the Internet that Tesla’s direct competitor Weilai suffered massive refund. Weilai’s SUV models ec6 and ES6, with prices starting from 368000 yuan and 358000 yuan respectively, are the direct competitive products of model y. In response, Weilai said: “the news that the official website system encountered large-scale chargeback is not true. We have already launched a complaint against the relevant platform.”