Man killed himself after shooting his neighbor

According to NBC news on February 4, in Pennsylvania, a man had a quarrel with his neighbor during the snow removal process, then the man ran into the neighbor’s home with a gun, shot and killed the couple, and then committed suicide.
A bloodbath caused by a blizzard
Recently, many parts of the United States have experienced heavy snowfall, and the height of snow in this case even reached 30 inches (about 76 cm). The blizzard had a serious impact on the local area. Many blocks were cut off, flights were grounded, and the vaccination work of Xinguan was suspended. Although the government has sent snow trucks and other equipment to clean up, the snow in many areas still needs to be cleared by the people themselves.
In the process of snow removal, a couple was busy uprooting the snow on their parking space, but they piled the snow to Jeffrey spade across the street. After finding out, spade went forward to argue with the couple, but the couple had a very bad attitude. They not only insulted spade with words and gestures, but also threatened to beat spade.
The report said that at that time, spade did not immediately have a physical conflict with the couple, but returned home. But it doesn’t mean that spade forgave his neighbor and his wife. He then picked up his pistol and broke into the neighbor’s house and shot them one after another. Fortunately, there are only two people in the couple’s family, and they have no children. Otherwise, another life will be added.
After the incident, the police soon learned the news that spade chose to commit suicide after the arrival of the police. After the death of spade, the Blizzard has killed six people in the local area: spade himself, his neighbor and his wife, and three other residents were killed in the blizzard.
The incident in the whole United States, like a snowflake in the snow, neither the police nor the public paid much attention to it. This reflects two very serious problems: 1. Americans seem to be used to shooting cases; 2. It seems reasonable that such a trivial matter involves three lives.
According to statistics, in 2020, the number of gun trade and shooting incidents in the United States set a record again. In New York City alone, 1433 shooting cases occurred in a year, and nearly 2000 people were injured or even killed. It is worth noting that this data does not include police violence in law enforcement, and some murders may not have been found so far.
Behind the record breaking shooting cases is a seemingly insignificant single case. The mainstream media are busy reporting all kinds of news about the elite, but the shooting incident has not received enough attention, which eventually led to the people getting used to it, or even accepting it. Now shooting seems to have become a common thing in the United States.
This leads to more and more strange and insignificant reasons for shooting. It’s hard to understand the shooting of two people because of the simple problem of snow shoveling, but in fact, in parts of Chicago and New York, a look in the eye can lead to shooting.
At the same time, the United States is still blindly trying to abolish the death penalty. Coupled with the parole system, the cost of crime is getting lower and lower, which further encourages the arrogance of criminals.
Although trump has stepped down from office, racial conflicts in the United States have been intensified during his term of office. Although Biden promised to eliminate racism at home, it is almost impossible to fulfill this promise under the national conditions of the United States. In this way, there will undoubtedly be more and more violence waiting for the United States.