Two new pub girls ZJ from Tianmei Shangzhuang, Huadu District (worth buying)

I left the Huadu LY. exchange group for a while. I found two new people by accident. I would like to share them here. Maybe everyone in the LY. will know me, and my Q will be called. Since the beginning of May in Huadu, there has been a lot less meat, especially in the recent month, especially less meat. What is the reason? It is estimated that everyone understands that it is basically a depression. At present, only Tian Meishengzhuang has more than 10 or 20, and the quality is not very good. On October 23, two good girls were suddenly found. Long hair and waist, white and tender, body length. 1.63-1.65, long thighs, thin. But there’s no X. It’s about B. One of them, Zhanjiang sister, had a good experience. On October 23, when I started her business, I said that I had just come for two days, but I had not done it before. I earned money to go home for the New Year. Maybe my sister has just done it, and she has no taste of dust. The harder she tried, the more she liked it and got off the road. The more J. watched her look so cool, the more conquering she felt, the more interesting she was, and the tighter I was when it broke out. Every time I give 100 not to look for, give more than 20 sisters attitude is better, play for three consecutive days. Decide to share it with LY. Address: Baidu: Huadu Meihua Dental Clinic. Go to the standing clinic and look across the street. You will see a shop called Yanhongshan Flower Art, which goes directly into the lane of Yanhongshan Flower Art, and within a few meters you will see the ZJ position of the two sisters at the first intersection, which is actually behind Yanhongshan Flower Art. Anyway, you can see it when you go in about 3 meters. Behind the first building.
Hidden Guangzhou Wolf Forum for a period of time, it is time to share something, LY. Huadu has resources to share.
After the end of the 10th+9th National Congress and the coming New Year, it is estimated that some girls will come out to take part-time jobs and look forward to the recovery of Huadu, ha-ha.
However, I recently discovered a new Pudian, Dabu Village, which is not known to many people. I’ll share it when I check it out. There are some good resources on hand, and it is not easy to collect them. After all, there are too few flowers. Many people respond to share them next time.