The engine exploded after the airliner took off

Overseas network, February 21 (Xinhua) a United Airlines Boeing airliner flying from Denver to Honolulu had engine failure, and huge debris fell in front of residential houses in the process of emergency landing. No casualties were reported.
According to the U.S. “Capitol Hill” news, the aircraft took off after engine failure and in the air explosion and combustion, resulting in a lot of debris falling from the air. Brumfield police said they began to receive reports of debris falling from the community.
According to photos shared by police on social platforms, a huge circular fragment fell in front of the door of a residential building.
Some are scattered in local parks. So far, no casualties have been reported.
The flight for United Airlines ua328 aircraft, Boeing 777-200 model. At 13:04 local time on the 20th, the airliner took off from Denver. It broke down shortly after and returned to Denver International Airport safely at about 13:30.