Preliminary test of BTY at East District Crossing

Recently, I have nothing to do, J. worm suddenly on the brain, hurry up on the forum, there is no good recommendation, I used to go to LY, but unfortunately 168 does not seem Z., I feel sorry, and later found on the forum recently SS sauna comparison Fire, do not say anything to put on YF. Hurry to start.
        SS is in the vicinity of Shuanggang BRT, it is better to find, there are parking spaces in front of the door, but less, I went to 6 o’clock in the evening, the door was a FW. Waiting for the guest, led me into F There are two massage chairs, one C., and one TV set. It is also standard. The minister asked me if I have any familiar JS. I just ordered the No. 36 recommended by LY. The legendary big Bo. Ah, BT must be very cool, the result said that the 36th is on the clock, there is an hour to get out of the clock, joking, actually someone is earlier than me, and later ordered the model body number 68, As a result, she took a vacation. I went there. It was not so smooth for the first time here. Later, I couldn’t help but I was afraid to meet my aunt. I had to wait for No. 36. Seriously, this field does not have a phone number on the Internet, otherwise you can ask first. After waiting for an hour, No. 36 has not come, asked the front desk, actually added the clock, and waited for an hour, then with a gas, must see the 36th.
        Finally, Huang Tian pays off, and when I am confused, the door finally knocks on the door. This is simply a fairy voice. I suddenly feel the spirit.
        “Hello, I am JS. No. 36, I am very happy for you FW.” Well, the 36th sound is soft, relatively clear, you can play 7 points.
        When entering the door on the 36th, the F. light was turned off, leaving only the lights of the TV. Although there is an atmosphere, I still prefer the LY without turning off the lights.
        Looking through the dim light, the figure No. 36 is relatively petite, about 155 or so, the face is round, but X. The front is simply a giant, quickly pull her to the front, good guy, this pair of trembling The JR is simply not wrapped, I am a bit worried that it will burst out and look good.
        No. 36 did not care, took me to let me lie on C., began to help me massage, really, this intensity of massage is almost like tickling, and it is just a hand, it feels a bit unsatisfactory, but The key is that the JR of the people is floating in front of you. This is a visual enjoyment. It really seems to be a direct blow to it, but I am more reserved. I will chat with No. 36 to create a little atmosphere, No. 36. The special feature said that it was quite lively and there was no stop. Unlike some JS., it was relatively silent and almost did not speak.
        I saw the timing is almost the same, S. hand M. to the 36th thigh, ah, slippery, like a feeling of electric shock broke out in the hand, M. with M., the finger slipped to her R room 36, may be shocked, giggling, but I did not pay attention at that time, a pair of JR squeezed fingers feel super enjoyable, my fingers have been moving up and down her R stitch, really cool, then A palm directly Z. Her JR, big, big, really big enough, one hand can’t be wrapped at all, and there is always a burst of elasticity when it is kneading vigorously. Sure enough, young is cool, I took the opportunity to take her. Pulled into my arms, smelling the aroma of her body, watching the pair of JR squeezing deformation on me, the small DD suddenly stood up.
       I compare the monkey eager to J. Open her X. I can’t solve it. On the 36th, it is a special design. Only she can open it. Then she rubbed on me for a while and got up and prepared. I know that the meat scene is coming. I have to mention here that the 36th does not deliberately drag the clock like some JS. It will come back in about 2 minutes.
       When she came back, C. was outside T., but the X. clothes inside had already been T., I went, I made a horse, she went to C., dragged her outside T., a pair of JR jumped out directly. Ssangyong went out to sea, grabbed, so cool, watching the pair of JR in the hands of changing shape, I don’t want to wait for almost two minutes, knead for a while, on the 36th, I pressed it to C., give me XT, have to say, it is still JR to do this well, it feels like cotton is constantly moving around, there are two hard points, scratching my body, super comfortable. The SY is still in the middle.
        The No. 36 blouse was C. I took the opportunity to knead her PG from KZ. Nothing on the 36th. I told her not to pay attention and directly attacked her secret garden, where it had already flooded. Yes, I may not like it on the 36th. I have always said no to me, but I don’t care so much, my fingers are always buckled, my ears are listening to the sound of water, watching JR squeeze on me, hey, enjoy it too.
        But I didn’t do that much, my fingers came out, and I still had water stains. The 36th face was a peach, and I looked at me with a sly look. I helped my hard little DD plug into her R seam, help me BT, that kind of soft. The touch, the heat of wrapping, don’t have a flavor in my heart, and after 10 minutes, I can’t help it anymore, directly S to her JR.
        Z. After the end, No. 36 is on my body, I have been saying this to me, and my hand continues to knead her JR.
       The whole process is still quite satisfactory. The 36th technology is quite green. There is a feeling of a small mm. It is about 7 points, and the figure is 9 points for JR.