Bright moonlight in front of the window

After dusk, when the last rays of the sun disperse in the horizon. The noisy birds stopped, as if they had foreseen something, and gathered quietly on the branches.
And I went up and opened the wooden window and agreed to wait. It was a gentle round, with soft silver and white light in the night. Like threads wrapped around my eyes and my heart.
Today is the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month, the Mid-Autumn Festival. Outside me are the bright lights of thousands of families. They drink under the moon, enjoy the moon, laugh and celebrate this symbolic reunion day with their relatives and friends. I can’t help but think of a poem: “Lianlian Baoser deeply wishes to end his life’s sorrow. Heaven on earth, the best time to reward, tonight Mid-Autumn Festival. The elegant song is so beautiful that Chang’e should envy the elegance. Fangzun wine, year after year, full moon high-rise. And the real full moon high-rise, the same round of the month, according to different people, but I do not know how many happy families and how many sorrows. For example, I can’t go home.
Well, I don’t know how many years it’s been. In this season, wandering in other countries, facing this strange cold city. Under the joy of the city, under the pressure of a year, busy, lingering in the quiet corner. Looking at the instant noodles on the table, I have no appetite. Just want to sit back in front of the computer to continue to work, but the downstairs drifting fragrance of vegetables and wine stumbled. Looking at this small and cold room, tears filled my eyes in an instant.
Home cooking smoke is different from the city. It’s a colored, living smoke. It will wear a plain white dress, from the chimney stove, stepping on the brisk footsteps, holding the hand of the wind, and at the command of its mother, bring back the children in the fields and mountains. At this time, smoke can be seen in every corner of the village, as well as a group of children chasing after it.
And the fragrance of wine in our hometown is also special. Every Mid-Autumn Festival, the deep alleys of the village will also float out a burst of intoxicating fragrance of wine. That is the village wine Chen Bo specially brewed for the Mid-Autumn Festival, sweet-scented osmanthus wine. Everyone in the village is enthusiastic and helpful. They regard each other as relatives and friends. Every time Chen Bo distributes the wine to every family, the fragrance spills out of the lane and brings in children who are playing. Children crowded into the lane, laughter and wine filled the whole lane.
When the sunset slowly out of the village, and secretly sprinkled a handful of scattered starlight on the night, the moon also climbed the treetop. The bright and clean round also illuminates the surrounding clouds. It looks like a veil. In the middle of the month, the shadows of the palace trees are dim, and in the haze, it seems that there is a beautiful figure, dancing in the middle of the month.
In the moonlight, people who finish dinner will walk into their yard. Move to the stool and chair, old and young sit around under the moon. The old man shook the poplar fan, and the children seldom sat quietly beside the adults, looking forward to what they were waiting for.
The old man smiled and took out the wine jar with sweet-scented osmanthus wine and filled it with a cup in the eager eyes of the children. The fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus wine drifted out of the cup, and the frog’s voice in the pond was silent. It seems to have been drunk in the scent of wine in this village.
That cup of fragrant wine, when poured into the cup, the moonlight also fell into the cup, melting three moonlight, seven gentle. In the fragrance of wine, the soul becomes intoxicated, and then opens its eyes, only to find that it is still the cold room.
The open wooden window was facing the moon in the sky, and the moonlight spread all over the ground, like a layer of fine crystals. Hands up, hands down a handful of silver. Looking out of the window, the burning lights in the night like a little candle light, weak and insignificant, and finally blurred into my eyes.
Only the moon hanging outside the window could be seen clearly.